Thursday, December 2, 2021


 Back in mid November my nieces had a cheer competition.
Their squad is excellent and in previous years, won first place at all of their competitions.
This year has been a little different.
Squads come from all over,
 but there is one group of girls in the next town over that has been beating them this year.
awwww yes, the girls are finishing second for the first time in years.
They finished second at this competition, qualified to go to Florida to compete, but they were not happy.

I thought they were awesome...

You can see Lorelei in the front, 3rd one from the left, Addie is right behind her.

Lorelei is so easy to spot with her red hair, I can never find Addie.

I adore the intense look on her face here.

Addie is "base", Lorelei a "flyer!
I learned the lingo.
Addie is third from the right on the bottom, Lorelei up in the air, second from the left.

This is cousin Maddie on the left with Lorelei, 
they are best buddies.
Maddie came to watch, at 4 years old she never left her chair, she is such a good girl.
She loves to dance, and watch her cousins cheer.

So intense, watching the other squads cheer.

Here they are Addie, Maddie and Lorelei!

This is me...way back in the day!
Maybe 1968, I would have been 10, but really, I have no idea!

- don't say cheerleaders aren't athletes until you've been one -


  1. They are INDEED athletes! Creative and talented and STRONG, my Amber was a synchronized swimmer and that takes a ton of energy and practice like cheering does! I love to watch both!

  2. Beautiful girls! Reminded me of when I was part of a pyramid as a child. It was fun!

  3. Such beautiful girls and such a great activity they can enjoy together!

  4. Beautiful ! Those young ladies are talented and so flexible .

  5. Beautiful girls and what they can do is so inspiring. They are so flexible.

  6. Replies
    1. hehehe, YES!! that's i look different now?!?!

  7. Oh, my...continuing in the family tradition

    1. yes t, they are brick dragons and so was i. it has been wonderful watching them!!

  8. You ALL look so cute, and so YOUNG! Besides being a math teacher, my DiL was a cheer teacher for 2 high schools. It IS amazingly intense. They too lost to 2nd place in Kansas, and DiL had to explain how they did their best, and some rules had changed. A sport to learn to do safely to prevent injuries and accidents too! You should definitely be a proud Auntie! Linda in Kansas

    1. awww yes, they are learning valuable life lessons. they work very hard and practice a lot. they are "dragons", i was a dragon cheerleader too. they always make me proud and i love them so much!!

  9. Very talented girls. Glad they continue a family tradition.
    And yes, the cheerleaders are athletes.

  10. Hello,
    Wow, they are amazing. I would recognize your photo. A fun family tradition, that is cool. Take care, have a great weekend!

  11. Oh I bet that was exciting, they looked great out there. Oh I do know they are athletes and I just love that you shared your cheer picture, how neat is that, I was always too fat too be on the team, to intimidated to try out. Maddie will be next to try out :)

  12. Thank you, thank you, for bringing me here. I hope someday to be here myself. Thanks for this lovely and inspiring post.

  13. They did well, I enjoyed all the photographs,
    ... and thank you for sharing the picture of you, lovely to see :)

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  14. Way to go girl! I love that you were a cheerleader. I tried out and then backed out. I was rather shy. I loved all the awesome photos of your sweet girls. They area all three adorable. I love the cheer competition. I have granddaughters that have been in cheer and competitions. The oldest did go to Florida several years ago and they did well. Your little red head, is a brave one to be on the top.
    Blessings and hugs!