Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Good, The Bad And The Adorable...

 I had a wonderful day yesterday...

Lunch outdoors at one of my favorite restaurants
They make the best hamburgers and the french fries are always hot and fresh.
I had my burger with caramelized was served on fresh, toasted, brioche buns.

We took a ride after lunch and I saw a lot of ducks, geese and goslings.
Those pictures, I will share on Saturday.

I realized the nest and eggs in my Knockout Rose Bush belongs to a Female Cardinal.
I watched her fly out and rest on the deck post...
a Female Cardinal for sure and this is a first for me.

On to the bad...

I planted my vegetables outside and they have not done well.
My good friend Liz told me I should have "hardened" them and I did not.
It has been so cold at night, they look like "they are sleeping" all day long, if you get my drift.
 I am not sure they will survive.

On to my knitting...
I have to rip out about 30 rows because it is suppose to slant...
it is slanting, just in the wrong direction.
- oy vey -

I will leave you with some captures of a "funny" duck I saw while I was out.
A "hybrid" I assume as I cannot find it in any of my books.

Sleeping with one eye open...


scratching the after wake up itch...

the flare...

and the two step!

No matter how hard you try - you will never be as cool as a duck!


  1. Hello Debbie,
    We are keeping our tomato plants indoors, it is so cold here at night. Your burger looks delicious!
    Cute captures of the duck, it does look like a hybrid. Take care, have a happy day!

  2. It's great that you can eat in the restaurant now!
    As always, your photos are perfect!

  3. Too bad about the veggies and the knitting. However the food was good and the duck photos are beautiful.

  4. That burger and fries look very tasty. I hope your plants revive.

  5. You make me want to eat out in a restaurant again... maybe soon. We just started doing 'take-out' and are enjoying that after all this time. Think we may do the 'eating outside' somewhere before long - now that we're both vaccinated. Cardinal eggs, huh? Good to know.

  6. I never knew the color of a Cardinal’s eggs before. They are so pretty! I enjoyed learning that. Thank you :) I find myself hankering for a burger after looking at your lunch. Sorry to hear about your veggies - it has been a cold spring and your knitting, one stitch forward, two stitches back so to speak. Now onward :) I agree with your last sentence. That is one very cool looking duck and I love your photos. Wishing you a great weekend with lots of good things happening.

  7. Hubby has been back to work in person for the past week and he has to eat at his desk, he said that he is eating there with other guys around and half don't wear their mask so he thinks he is ready to try eating out again, I think I would like to start at an outdoor eatery :)
    Oh how exciting about the cardinal, it will be neat to see baby cardinals :)
    So sorry to hear about your vegetables, yes it has been a cooler spring this year. Hope they bounce back.
    Bummer about the knitting too, I hope it works out when you try it again.
    That duck is cool, has some neat coloring to it :)

  8. Nothing beats a great burger. Unfortunately we don't have anywhere around here that does them, so hubby makes his own :0)

  9. Fantastic looking meal! I don't believe I've ever found a cardinal's nest - that's very cool! Nice muted plumage on the duck. Our starter plants finally went in the ground yesterday. We kept having to wait because of cold weather. They appear to have "stalled" in the small containers so not all of ours may make it, either.

  10. Shame about the vegetables and knitting.
    But the pluses were the food and the duck :)

    All the best Jan

  11. The Hamburger and fries looks so yummy! I am sad about the knitting and vegetables. I did explain in your post today some thoughts on that.
    The two eggs are beautiful. I love that you have baby birds coming; so cute. I saw their photos today. I love how the parents birds watch over their babies. The funny duck, is so adorable. Again, you capture such cute photos.
    Blessings and hugs!