Saturday, May 15, 2021

Saturday Critters ~ 387 ~

 Wandering around in the car on Wednesday, we stumbled upon "our"
Lake Heron
After driving three quarters of the way around the lake and seeing nothing, 
I spotted...

this Canadian Goose with some youngin's definitely worth getting out of the car for...
and definitely worth taking some pictures of.

They were sweet...momma did not seem bothered by me getting so close.
I was respectful, I have a great zoom on my camera,
and I took these from a walking path that is around the lake, I assume they are use to people.

Then I spotted these babies...

there were a total of 12.

This mamma watched over her babies but seemed almost proud to share them with me.

They were absolutely adorable...

and oh so sweet!

For us in the minority, the opportunity to see baby goslings is more important than television.

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  1. Hello, Debbie
    The goslings are just adorable. So fuzzy and cute. I am glad the Momma was proud to show them off. Your photos are awesome!
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  2. Ohh Babies!! I love baby anything.. You got some really great shots.. A good camera is on my Christmas list.Yesterday I went over to a friends house and there was a chicken in her front bushes and I looked and there were all these tiny little chicks with her, they were so cute!!

  3. Love seeing the baby goslings! We had a surprise this morning as one of the feral mamas that comes by the house each morning has now brought her 2 kittens to the bushes in the front. They look about 6-7 weeks old, black, fluffy, and healthy looking. Don't know where in the neighborhood she was keeping them before... sometimes I think they keep moving them for safety sake.

  4. I would surely rather watch baby goslings than anything on tv! haha! And you saw so many...neato! Happy weekend!

  5. I would watch baby geese over television any time.

  6. So cute! We have some at our neighborhood lake.

  7. Ah Debbie they are so sweet. Yes worth getting out of the car to photograph. Have a great week ahead

  8. Those are awesome! The little goslings are so fuzzy and yellow! Glad you found them!

  9. Fantastic photos! Balls of fluff with faces! Gorgeous!

  10. You're so right about watching television. I miss never seeing waterfowl these days when I am stuck at home. Wonderful photos.

  11. So fuzzy, so cute and so adorable.
    Loved your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  12. Oh wow fabulous, so lucky to have gotten that close, and they are just so very adorable, wow that was so many of them!!

  13. This Canadian Goose and her goslings are so adorable. I can tell that the babies fur would be so soft to touch. I think you got amazing photos and it is better than TV.