Monday, May 10, 2021

What's Going On?

how about the excitement of cleaning out the refrigerator?
Too much of a thrill for you?

What I have found even more exciting,
is that with only a little effort, it has stayed this sparkly!

My Catbirds have returned to the feeders and I feel like there are at least 100 of them,
all making different sounds, but primarily, cat calls!

I ordered this cute little frog for the front steps from
I order many things from that website, they have great products and awesome prices.

I purchased 2 new Hummingbird feeders, it was time.
I find they only last a few years and then they need to be replaced.

One hangs, one attaches to the window.
The gourd birdhouse on the right I purchased at a craft show, 
it was also time to replace the blue birdhouse that was hanging there. 

On Friday, we got a pizza at Pete & Elda's, only a few miles from the ocean.
We drove down to the beach, found a waterfront view, and enjoyed the pizza in the car.
I didn't get a picture but it was delicious!
we went to see the fox again, they are living only a few feet from where we enjoyed our pizza.

Look at those pups loving on their momma...

and she loving on them!

I saw this picture somewhere on-line, 
I can't remember where but isn't it gorgeous?

No winter lasts forever ~ No spring skips its turn!


  1. Hello,

    You have reminded me my fridge probably needs a cleaning. Love the Catbird photo. Your new hummers feeders look great, I would like to have the window feeder. The fox family photos are so cute. I am wondering about this spring, it is colder than normal.
    Have a great day and a happy new week!

  2. I love that sweet fox family! What a joy to see them! Love your new hummingbird feeders too!

  3. I need to clean mine out big time, I think it is always worse under the condiments for some reason.
    Wow that is a lot of birds, last night I could hear them very loud but looking around I couldn't see many of them must have been hiding in the trees.
    I have not shopped at wayfair, I probably shouldn't go there either, we need to save money for a few repairs that need to be done around here.
    Oh my goodness those pics of the baby foxes with their mom are just way too cute, I bet it was fun sitting and watching them!

  4. Pete and Elda is the best pizza. I only go off season otherwise too crowded.

    1. next time you go ruth, try their zucchini sticks with horseradish sauce, they are the bomb!!

  5. Those foxes are so cute. Love that frog too. I keep a turtle by the front door.

  6. Call me crazy - no, call me nosey - but I had fun looking at your fridge pictures! The contents looked similar to what’s in my fridge! I’m assuming those packages on the upper left are the gourmet meals you purchase and cook? They always look delicious! Happy Monday, Debbie!

  7. I have only once seen a fox in our backyard.
    Love a good clean fridge.. but it's not something I love to do.
    Had never heard of a catbird before..

  8. Due to the fact that our relatively new French Door Kitche-naid refrigerator 'freezes up' every few months and we have to remove everything to the garage refrig... and let it defrost for 24 hours, then return everything, we are basically 'forced' to keep a clean refrig. And everything in your frig door looks like the same as in ours... except the juice. We don't do juice. Love the fox pics too!

  9. Keeping the fridge clean is an ongoing thing around here. I like to wipe and clean whenever I see something. those hummingbird feeders will be busy this summer,I'm sure.

  10. I keep telling B, a catbird is on my wish list!

  11. A nice selection of photographs.
    That is a cute looking frog :)

    Enjoy your week.

    All the best Jan

  12. I too like a clean fridge and a tidy freezer. It's the little things that keep me happy.

  13. The fox family is the cutest! I loved the first one and I think you need to enter it in to something. That is the best photo ever. I loved your tidy fridge and I now feel like I need to go re-do ours; its messy I wouldn't take a photo of it for sure. I too love products from Wayfair. They have good prices. I like the idea of a hummingbird feeder. I will look into that. At least I do have a bird one because of you. Pizza in the car and scenery the best.
    Blessings and hugs for you two!