Monday, May 24, 2021

Saying Hello, Welcome!

As life returns to normal, and we greet guests again,
I wanted to spruce up the front door area.
I have had this hanging on my front door for several years now,
it is a favorite of mine.
I look forward to having friends and family over again,
I think "hello" is the perfect greeting!

This old bench was in the backyard, it had seen better days.
I painted it,
and placed it on my very small front porch.

I love pillows,
 and I thought these would be the perfect addition to the bench,
to match with the front door black & white theme.
The pillows came from WayFair.

I changed out my flag for summer...

and purchased the matching doormat to tie in with the black & white plaid theme.
I also bought the mailbox cover and the small garden flag all from
they have a huge selection and great prices.

My white azalea's up by the front door are in bloom now,
I have found them to be the perfect spot for releasing and photographing my butterflies.


  1. Debbie,

    Your bench, flag and welcome mat are pretty. The white azalea and butterfly image is lovely. Take care, enjoy your day!

  2. OH WOW! You are so very artistic. Everything looks so welcoming and beautiful, Debbie.

  3. Wow! That butterfly really does look amazing on the white blooms! Love your pretty summer decor for your home. I wish I had a little bench for my small front porch. I'll have to keep my eyes open for something like this!

  4. So much beauty. It looks very welcoming .

  5. The azaleas are a perfect back drop for the butterflies for sure. Love you summer decor. You are ready for visitors!

  6. You have great taste in decor. I really liked it all. The butterfly looks gorgeous on your Azalea.

  7. I love all the decor. I think you now need to be a decorator. It all looks so lovely. The butterfly on the Azala photo is a spectacular. You just amaze me. Thanks for your comments on my blog; you are the best. I still hope in some moment of time that we can get back there, and I would love to meet you. I find you such a wonderful woman with great talents and I love that you share your adventures.
    Blessings and hugs!

  8. I will have to say you have a beautiful front porch area to welcome people to your home, love all the matching goodies. Your azaleas are beautiful, they do make for a lovely backdrop for you butterflies!!

  9. Everything looks very welcoming, if I lived nearer I'd definitely be calling round :)

    All the best Jan