Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Older But Better

Remember I talked about Pete & Elda's Pizza with a view of the ocean?
Toward the end of that meal, picnic in the car, the hubs saw an old, really old, car passing behind us.
We were intrigued but had no idea what was going on behind us.
At some point the hubs caught on and said "Do I have a surprise for you"
I was so excited to find out there was going to be an antique car show in town on Saturday.
All of the cars were arriving on Friday night, and we got to see them all first hand,
all by ourselves, without anyone in the way of my pictures.

What a thrill!!

We thought about going back on Saturday, but it rained so we stayed in!

- Classic cars -
Because in 60 years no one will open a barn and be excited to see a 2003 Kia!


  1. Oh aren't they beautiful. I think my favorite was the green one.

  2. Hello,

    They are beautiful classic cars, great collection of photos! Take care, have a happy day!

  3. Super photographs of these super cars.

    All the best Jan

  4. They are truly classics...and so beautiful! So nice to get to see them and get such great photos too. We hiked today and there are so many wildflowers and butterflies right now. I wanted to ask a favor. Do you have a butterfly ID book you would recommend? We see a nice variety here but it's hard to search online and figure them out. Thanks girlfriend!

  5. 🙂Loved these. The white one reminds me of Christmas. Hard to pick a favourite.

  6. Debbie - what luck! These are treasures - I love to see how people have restored them - such love (and money) lavished on them! What a wonderful thing you got to see them without throngs (or rain)!

  7. Oh wow, Debbie, I loved seeing these amazing old cars!! So fun to go see! I'm glad you were able to enjoy them w/out big crowds of people! The previous post had me laughing.....girlfriend you are very very brave!! LOL---I would never post our icebox on the blogs.........cleaning it is my LEAST FAVORITE chore, ha ha!! I'ts always a chaotic mess. I LOVED seeing those foxes!! Wow, they are gorgeous. How neat that you can get so close. I think foxes have the prettiest little faces, they are so cute. Your hummingbird feeders are pretty. I got the hummingbird food made yesterday and we'll fill the feeders tomorrow.....Mr. Front Porch spotted the first one earlier today. I'm so glad they're back! Hugs!

  8. LOL, no I can't imagine them getting excited about our cars now in the future but who knows. So sad it rained on these beautiful cars, good thing you were able to get pics the night before, and with no one around, how lucky was that, love them!

  9. Those are awesome! How cool to get first dibs on photos! Love the old vehicles. I'm afraid in 60 years we may not have many barns left to find surprises in.

  10. Gosh, aren’t they absolutely beautiful? I love these old cars. You really lucked out on the timing. Great photos Debbie!

  11. Oh you can just see the love and attention that has gone into each and everyone of those amazing cars. Your quote at the end really made me laugh :0)

  12. Oh, Debbie these area fun cars. I loved them all. Our local church members are having a car show on Saturday. We have friends that have some old cars. My husband and I had a 1964 Ford Mustang that we wish we had hung on to. I think a 2003 will be a antique at sometime. However, this era of cars is the best ever.
    Sending hugs your way!