Tuesday, February 20, 2018

You Must Have Patience...

I started a new knitting project...a baby blanket.
Truth be told, I have started it 7 times now and I just can't seem to "get" it!
There have been many text message between myself and Leanne,
my beautiful and absolutely wonderful knitting teacher.
We even "face-timed" before I had "done" my hair - I never do that!
She has tried so hard to help me, she never gives up on me!
I don't want to give up either...I'll keep you posted.

So between my busy work schedule right now, trying to catch up from 2 weeks of being sick,
and this new project, I have been really busy.
And let us not forget the olympics, I love watching the olympics.
New to me, the Skeleton...
that is an interesting name, and how about the curling,
how in the world did that become a sport?!
I have enjoyed the skating, snowboarding and all the skiing events.

Switching gears, I LOVE this!!
The hubs reads my blog everyday and this is my way of saying to him,
"Don't you think this would look great in our front yard?"

How about you guys, are you guys watching the olympics?


  1. That would look PERFECT in your front yard!
    I’ve watched a little bit of the Olympics.....mostly figure skating and skiing. I forget it’s on and, of course, Louis Dean is partial to Fox Business channel and Gunsmoke!
    Hope you are feeling better! LD has the flu.....

  2. That is cute and doesn't look like it would require much care.

    I'm not watching the Olympics although I do like the figure skating.

  3. That is awesome Debbie, I bet that would look wonderful in your front yard. No, I haven't watched a single event. I don't even think I have turned my t.v. on.
    I am so glad you are getting caught up and I hope you are all back to yourself. I know you will get that blanket done. :)

  4. You my friend will never give up and you will get it. I love that about you. I do hope your feeling better. Tell Chuck I agree :) Hugs B

  5. I love that!!--- would so put that in our yard! I like the ice skating events--- how people perform those feats on slick as glass ICE is beyond me! Lol

  6. Watched the ice dance finals last night. I’ve read through most of it though.

  7. Yep ~ certainly would look good in your front yard ~ creative and great photo!

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  8. I love that wagon display. I would love to have that on my yard. No,don't watch Olympics,cause I don't have TV hooked up.

  9. The wagon display is awesome! I meant to watch the figure skating, but got sidetracked.

  10. I haven't been watching the Olympics, BECAUSE I am trying to knit a "simple" sweater.
    AND, I have you beat with 7 times. I have ripped this thing out 12 times, and restarted. Given the cast-on is 83 stitches, that's a lot of time ripping and restarting, but I will not be defeated here. I don't think. :-)
    Keep at it, my friend, and so will I.

    I just love the wagon display. It would look good in my yard too! :-)


  11. Yes, I have been watching the Olympics. Isn't the Skeleton amazing. I don't quite know how they stay on board whilst hurtling down the ice. You will get the hang of the baby blanket......just hang in there.....it sounds lovely.

  12. That cart and garden would be very cute on your lawn. I've only watched a little bit of the olympics - and whenever I do, I get sucked into whatever the sport happens to be. Sometimes I watch and think - huh - that's a sport - but, why? Even so, I sit and watch and try to figure out what the skill is supposed to be. Other sports, I'm sitting there thinking - OMG - how in the world does a person learn to do THAT!?!?!?!

  13. Oh my....that is a darling wagon and display. I NEED it!

  14. How clever of you to suggest the cart to your hubby. I like it VERY much. Yes, we are quite absorbed with the Olympics - I adore the ice skating and my husband likes the snowboard cross and the downhill racing. We always feel lost for a little while once the Games are over.

  15. I have to say that I have not watched any of the Olympics. Just can't seem to sit still to watch it. Sorry that you were not feeling well for so long. Hoping that you are all better now. Knitting, you do such a beautiful job with that. I have not done any in a couple of yrs. But...I told my mom I wanted to learn to make dollies out of the thread stuff. She dug out all her stuff and gave me thread, books and needles. Now I just need to learn what to do.

  16. Do not give up on knitting a baby blanket. I know you can do it and it will be lovely. I want to crochet a blanket and I haven't done one for a while. I want someone to show me a new pattern first. I would love to crochet while watching TV. We do watch the Olympics when we can. I like it all but especially the ice skating. However, watching it makes me a bit tense because I'm afraid of the mistakes or falling.
    I love that you are back trying to catch up and enjoying some of the things you love.
    I do love the wagon with the plants and I love the replica of the old home If I had a big enough yard; it would tempt me.
    Big blessings for you and hugs too!

  17. Not keeping up with the Olympics, but I do hope you get that barrel wheel in your yard! :)

    Mersad Donko Photography

  18. I have all the confidence in the world that you will get that baby blanket done! That wagon is to die for and it would be perfect in your yard. I can just imagine how beautifully you will plant it!

  19. It would look fantastic in your yard. The curling is weird to me! LOL! I like the skating and skiing!