Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yarn Along

Not much is new on the knitting front. 

I am still working on my Outlander Cowl
The lace holes that are suppose to line up don't -
not one row has ended correctly - 
and the lace part of the Cowl is all over the place.

- so -

yep - there it is all frogged out and I am back to before where the lace started.
I am trying not to get frustrated, trying not to give up...
but for right now, I am going to put it aside and work on wash cloths.

I thought I would share with you my "knitting spot" on the couch.

- I only knit at night and I always knit in this spot -
- this spot always has my current work out and always looks a bit like this -
- if you came for a visit tomorrow, any time of the day, this is what you would see -
- I never put it away -

I am joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along


  1. Your knitting spot looks very comfy ...
    I have a similar spot where I sit when I'm reading ...

    All the best Jan

  2. oh, Debbie, how frusterating! I hate it when the pattern goes all wrong. You will eventually figure it out... I know you can.

  3. We need to sit together and tackle this cowl.

  4. That's why knitting drives me nutz! Crochet I can tackle, but knitting? Oy Vey!! Your spot looks real comfy. I have my recliner with my stash all around me. What a clutter. I don't care. LOL

  5. Debbie, that couch looks so comfy, I'd be afraid I'd fall asleep right in the middle of my knitting!
    I just know you'll "get" this cowl, and I also know that it will be beautiful.

  6. I think it looks like a grand place. I leave mine out too, just because I can. I spent so many years not being able to do that. I always feel a little like a wild woman. :) I love the cowl and the color. I don't see a single mistake. :)
    I love you comfy couch.

  7. Ive seen the gorgeous things you make so i just know you will figure this out!

  8. Oh no! you really just took all that out?!?!? I couldn't tell anything was wrong, it was so pretty! I get it, though, I can be like that with something I'm working on - only I will see what's wrong and I have to fix it. It's going to be beautiful when you finish!

  9. What a cozy spot to sit and knit Debbie!
    3 furry babies prevent me from leaving any knitting project out in the open,
    love the furries but they have the tendency to go wild with the yarn, LoL.
    Beautiful cowl pattern and color, give it time you will figure it out!
    Have a great week!

  10. Debbie, you have a great spot to keep your projects! Keep at it, the more you practice, the better you get!

  11. such a bummer you are having problems with your cowl, it is always good to walk away from it for a little while, I know when I can't get something if I am too worked up I just can't get it, so walking away is the best thing for me. I might suggest you trying it again in the morning, I know you mentioned you usually knit at night, maybe changing it up and doing it after a good night's rest, it may just click, who knows :) I down loaded that same pattern to that wash cloth, I loved the pattern, but I haven't tried it yet.

  12. I hope it comes out right next time! It's nice to have one's own space where things don't have to be put away and brought out again when one wants to work on it.

  13. My dear friend, don't give up on the Cowl. I love what you have done and the color of course, is perfect for you. It's fun to see where you do your good works!
    Blessings and hugs!

  14. Oh, it's frustrating when you can't get it right, isn't it? The color sure is pretty and I love your 'knitting spot'. It looks so cozy. I have a sweater that I could not get right that has sat half done for a couple of years now. Maybe I will finish it one of these days......You might have to improvise. Keep calm and carry on :) haha! xx K

  15. Hello Debbie, it does sound frustrating but you seem to be the type of person who is determined to finish. Your knitting spot looks comfy. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  16. Hi Debbie, I don't have much experience with knitting patterns but can imagine that, like anything that's causing a bit of a problem, taking a breather and clearing your mind with something easier is the best way.
    It's like that with painting - not looking at, or thinking about, something that's not working for a while really works.
    You'll work it out in the end that's for sure :D)
    I too love your knitting spot on the couch - a handy foot stool and throws - and plenty of space... just the ticket! Your wash cloths are a great project too.
    Cheers now 😊 xx

  17. I taught myself to knit many years ago, but it took me so long to make anything I got discouraged and quit. Love your knitting spot. And love the color of your project.

  18. Funny how we get accustomed to our favorite knitting spots.

  19. It does look comfy. Lots of elbow room too. Where I knit, I could do with more elbow room. Oh no. I can't believe you've had to unravel so much. Fingers crossed this time. Or maybe not. Difficult to knit like that.

  20. Wash clothes are always my go-to when I need a break from a harder or problem project!! Love the shade of purple you are using:)

  21. This looks like a wonderful spot! The colour is amazing! Such fun! Good luck!

  22. I love your spot, and if I were talented as you are, I'd leave it all out too. Well, with one exception; when the little ones come over. LOL