Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sea Glass

Sea Glass is physically and chemically weathered glass
found on beaches along bodies of salt water.
Sea glass takes 20 to 30 years and sometimes as much as 50 years,
to acquire its characteristic texture and shape.

I have been collecting Sea Glass since I was a young girl.
I don't make anything with it, although I often think that I should.
It is sprinkled here and there around the house,
displayed in pretty glass jars.
Everyone I know knows how much I love it...
so here's my collection and a little bit of the story behind my obsession. 

Most of this glass was found on the beaches in Seaside, New Jersey,
when I was a young girl.
Probably between the years 1966 and 1972.
You can only see about half of the glass in this large jar.

I have most of my glass displayed here.
I like displaying it here because whatever is displayed on this open shelf in the kitchen,
can be seen in the family room as well.

There are some shells and sand dollars as well...

in the small jars I include a strip of paper which tell the date and place I found it.

I use all different jars and glasses, to make the display interesting!!

Nature made, 
I became enamored the very first time I saw it and held a piece in my hand.
Even as a young girl, I remember wondering where it came from,
and how long it had been it the ocean.

This dish holds some of my favorite pieces.
I have three red pieces which are rumored to be the rarest!!

All of the glass in this shell dish was found during one recent outing at the beach.
I like to have little displays like this one, 
reminding me constantly of my happy walks along the beach.

This book, sent to me from my favorite cousin Evelyn,
I love that she wrote me this small message.

I purchased this first edition book at a Sea Glass Festival.
The author was there and signed the book for me.

I rinsed off all the glass in this large jar,
going through all the pieces that I have not really looked at in years.

I picked out these 5 pieces, berried in the jar, to add to my favorites.

I hope you all enjoyed this post about my 
Sea Glass Collection...

How about you readers, is there anything you collect and have displayed in your home?


  1. Hello, Debbie. Your collection of seashells and seaglass is beautiful. I have been searching the beaches in Florida for a sand dollar, I keep finding broken pieces. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. You have displayed your collection really well, which makes it very interesting.

  3. Very cool. Beauty within refuse. Mother works very hard to recycle. In my infrequent sauntering on the beach I'll have a new target for my eyes . . . but I'm thinking the gentle Gulf just wouldn't do the same to the glass.

  4. Oh Debbie!!!!! I didn't see the red pieces that you mentioned--my sister told me that is the rarest. How beautiful and "soft" it looks. I do love the Cobalt Blue. I've been a Rock Hound since I was young--Michigan is a good place to find unusual rocks. Then, my first visit to the Ocean in the 1970's, turned me on to sea shell collecting. I have many shells, in fact that last time I visited the ocean, I became very selective on what I picked up and kept. I mean, really--how many Scallop shells can you have until they all look alike? Thank you so much for posting this!!!!!

  5. Debbie, the colors and textures are si simple but reveal years of mystery! Amazing! You have them displayed telling your childhood stories it must bring back so many memories. The only thing I collected at the beach as a child was tar on my feet after an oil spill off the coast of California. Lol I do get to the river a lot here in Missouri where I collect fish, crawdads, and eat them! Have a wonderful day!

  6. I'm blown away by all your beautiful glass. Living inland I've only been to the ocean a handful of times, but the last time I went I did find a couple of pieces of sea glass. I love to rub them between my fingers! I'm fascinated with rock and have several scattered throughout the house. My nine yr old grandson is an expert at finding geodes. We have such fun hunting for them and cracking them open.

  7. I never found seaglass on my very few trips to the beach

  8. Such beautiful colours in the sea glass, I like how you display it.

    We do have a small collection of blue glass ornaments, vases etc.
    Collections like these often have special moments, and hold memories as to where you found them and in our case where we bought them, who gifted them.

    I do hope this month of February has started well for you.

    All the best Jan

  9. Wow - you have quite a collection, and I love the way you display it in different bowls and jars! The photo with the blues and soft aquas (with the angel) reminds me of my daughter's wedding - she had her bridesmaids dress in different "sea glass" colors.

  10. Oh, Debbie!
    You are amazing. You have everything well described.
    Pebbles are beautiful.

  11. that sea glass is so beautiful!
    it's so sweet how you display your collection throughout your home. :)

    much love!

  12. So very beautiful, Debbie! You have the great knack of finding and/or making such interesting projects. As you already know, I find you simply amazing! Xoxo

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  15. A most beautiful collection Debbie. Right through the years with such memories intertwined. I like how you display your lovely sea glass pieces too - they can be seen and they most certainly add to the attractive decor of your home. You've mentioned your sea glass now and then on your blog and it's a real treat to see your whole collection, I was really impressed at how much you've gathered.
    I collect shells and stones which I place outside in a special garden bed. When we bought our little home there was a little diamond shaped concreted in garden bed and it was an awkward place to grow anything, nothing was happy there, so I turned it into a collection area for my bits and pieces.
    Thanks for sharing another brilliant part of your life Debbie :D)xx

  16. This is beautiful! Imagine you kept the location and dates!!!!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  17. Very nice! You have a fantastic collection! Funny, we don't have sea glass here in Kentucky. ;-)

  18. You sea glass is lovely. I wondered if there were other colors then blues & greens. I like the way you display the glass.

  19. Fascinating how much glass you've collected, something I'd never think of living this far from the coasts. No displayed collections here except for my books -my many books!

  20. I always love seeing your photos and posts on sea glass. The aquas are my favorite. Happy hunting my friend!

  21. I love this so much. I remember being little and finding sea glass all the time. Now it seems like such a bonus to find some! good for the environment but not for the sea glass hunters! Chase and I love to look for glass and you have inspired me to get out there and look some more this winter.

  22. Wow you do have a fantastic collection there don't you and great place to display so it can be seen in more than just one room! The three things I have collected over the years are magnets of places we have gone, we have them all over our fridge and we when we look at them we feel very blessed of all the places we have been fortunate to visit! I also love quilting so I have also collected thimbles over the years, mostly pewter ones but I have all kinds, my favorite are the ones I found in England. And lastly I have a pretty good collection of Snowman that I put out every year for the month of January :)

  23. Wow, Debbie, this is quite a collection.
    You know, I think that even more beautiful than the sea glass, is the way you've chosen to display.
    Really, really lovely.

  24. Hey Debbie as I looked to see if you'd posted today, I noticed how many times I'd sent the same comment on this post
    It's this phone! Lol
    Hope you and Chuck are doing okay.

  25. Hey Debbie as I looked to see if you'd posted today, I noticed how many times I'd sent the same comment on this post
    It's this phone! Lol
    Hope you and Chuck are doing okay.

  26. Hey Debbie as I looked to see if you'd posted today, I noticed how many times I'd sent the same comment on this post
    It's this phone! Lol
    Hope you and Chuck are doing okay.

  27. What a collection of sunglasses.
    I do not have any.
    But I do collect mushrooms in pictures and dreams.
    Dreams can be light or heavy.
    I only keep those lightweight dreams so I can carry around.
    I can dream these dreams at anytime.

  28. I am so happy you shared your Sea Glass Collections; it is so beautiful. I love how you display it and that you label the small jars with the date and place you found them. Your favorites are lovely and I love the colors of them. I think this is such a wondeful collection and even more valuable since you started collecting them as a young girl. I am sure you loved the book and I love that it is signed and sent to you by a loved one.
    Loved this one dear friend; hugs~

  29. I loved your sea glass post the other day and i love this one too! I love how you display your finds in the marked jars and dishes and bottles--- very pretty

  30. Debbie you have a beautiful collection! Beautiful pieces on their own, but the history that you keep makes the collection even more special. I learned a lot by reading this as well, I have never really understood what seaglass is.

  31. Your collection of sea glass is beautiful and I like sea glass too. In my area each year there is a gathering where people sell sea glass jewelry, but yours displays very well, as is, in your jars.