Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What I'm Crushing On...

Every so often I like to do a post about items in my life that I have a crush on.
First up today...

This new wooden "Eat" sign in my kitchen.
I have been wanting one - yes - weird - I'm not sure why -
I have been stalking them on etsy - the prices were outrageous,
and I wasn't even sure the color would be right for my kitchen.
I saw this one in Cracker Barrel - $ 24.99, then 40 % off, 
I could not scoop it up fast enough.

The "Parsley Print" in the frame I already had there, "free" 
on Pinterest you know I love free.

Next up, the "iRobot"
I talked about it here, nothing has changed, it is the bomb.

My "Paper Whites" are huge - like Paper Whites on steroids 
and I love the brace I found to keep them upright when they get top heavy.

My new "Coach Wallet", a gift from my sister for Christmas.
It's purple with gusseted sides - it holds everything and I really love it.

The new "Purple Bloom on my Cyclamen"

Our new "Remote" from Comcast.
It lights up when you pick it up, 
you talk to it to tell it what channel or what show you would like to watch
and it's sparkly new and clean!

"Desert" for two at Houlihans Restaurant it could have been dinner.
It was outrageous!!

The "Winter Bucket List"
14 out of 21 crossed off, yep, it's been that kind of Winter.

- my biggest crush is on the hubs -

 - Happy Valentines Day to all you romantics -


  1. i just fall in love with this elegant wooden sign!

    the painting beside it is also beautiful .
    this wallet looks great.
    how wonderful that your paper whites are grown up to high!
    wishing you best of luck for you remaining part of list dear!
    happy love day!

  2. Hello, the wooden sign is cute. I would like the irobot. You are doing great with your winter bucket list. Happy Valentine's Day, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. Love the EAT sign! My parents always said that I would rattle my crib, and yell out EAT. :)

    You have so many awesome crushes, I like them all.


  4. My bucket list pretty much consists of getting up in the morning and going to bed at night. I'm pretty successful with it. :)

  5. Love all your favorites:) and when do you start a spring bucket list?

  6. Oh my gosh, I'm crushing on it all too! Loved this share of your crushes!

  7. I so enjoyed reading this one of some of your favorites. I like the eatery Sign; so cute. I would love an iRobot; so cool. My poor husband does most of the vacuuming due to my bad back. Your plants are awesome; love the purple flower. I need a new wallet and I like that it is purple just for you. A lighted remote that you can talk too; what's next? Of course, I would have loved to have been there for the dessert. Have a sweet Valentine's Day with your love. Hugs~

  8. I love you EAT sign, too! All your crushes are wonderful but my favorite is the winter bucket list! I think you are awesome! I often say if I don't PLANT, I'll never DO it! I'm going to copy cat you and start a spring bucket list!

  9. I don't think a robot vaccum would work in my house. It seems they extended on the construction so there is a step drop leading to the master bedroom and bath.

  10. So many goodies here, Debbie, but I can't seem to get my eyes off of that dessert! Oh my goodness, YUM!
    Good for you on crossing off so many of those things on your bucket list. You "guys" do so many neat things.
    Happy Valentines Day to both of you.

  11. Love all your purples, Deb! And that 'Eat' sign is great! My favorite pastime. (Yes, my butt will tell you :) My daughter and SIL have that remote - it's wonderful when I am babysitting and holding the baby. I can just talk into it to find my shows. Love the idea of a bucket list for each season! You really did quite a few things! I have to vacuum today, but no robot, darn it. My dog, Kai would have that thing chewed to bits, though. He hates the vacuum :) Hope your Valentine's Day is filled with sweet things. xo Karen

  12. Happy Valentines day to you as well. I love all of the goodies you have around today.

  13. Thank you sharing the photo of spring. When I look out my window I see snow.
    Coffee is on

  14. hooley dooley !!! what a lovely collection of crushes. The paper whites are tremendous - lucky to have found that support, they'll need it. Love the bowl of pretty shells sitting happily beside your beautiful gifted wallet - so special!
    Wow - the dessert is sooo tempting, mmmmmmmm ;D) Cheers 💖

  15. I love all of this, but a remote you talk to? Seriously?! I love that!

  16. I love the eat sign and parsley print - but what's that other thing hanging on the wall with them? ;-) Yummy dessert and wow - look at your bucket list! awesome!

  17. That dessert caught my attention, but then, dessert usually des that .LOL

  18. It is good to have patience I always say... my hubby wants something he wants it now, I have a little more patience and yours surely paid off with the eat sign. Wow are those paper whites flowers are out of this world, can't believe how big they are getting. Sweet wallet, I really need to start looking for one myself.
    What will they think of next, talking to your remote, that's crazy. That is so cool you have been able to get almost all your list crossed off, you still have time to finish it :)
    Happy Valentine's day

  19. I always like you seasonal Bucket Lists! Especially when you check them off!

  20. Your Paper Whites are going nutzy cuckoo!!!

  21. All things looks beautiful. Your paper whit has grown tall.

  22. no kidding...paperwhites on steroids...those are the biggest paperwhites I've EVER seen! ha ha LOL What in the WORLD ARE YOU GIVING THEM? HA HA Your new billfold is very nice and that dessert looks rich and delicious! HOpe y'all had a nice valentines? I love your winter list.....you DID ACCOMPLISH much! Are you going to come join us over on Instagram....I hope you do....your pictures are meant to be shared-- Ive seen so many really great ones of yours!

  23. Oh I love your new eat sign! Fantastic bargain too!
    & of course a purple cyclamen is too pretty & perfect for you!

  24. Yes, your Paper Whites are huge ...
    Love the colour of the cyclamen ...

    Doing so well with your winter bucket list

    All the best Jan

  25. I also meant to say - hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day

    All the best Jan