Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Chatterbox

As we were making the turn by Skylands Stadium I noticed an eatery - don't I always - called 
It was immediately up for discussion as the parking lot was mobbed.
"It must be a hotspot" I mentioned to the hubs..."hamburgers and hotdogs, that could be fun"!
So we made a plan and decided we would eat there after ICE.
When we walked in, there was a long line - what could be better - a long line = good food,
and yes the place was mobbed.
I chatted up with the guy in front of me, of course, 
he made his suggestions, a burger or a hotdog, those where the best.
I wandered around and took some pictures - the decor was amazing!!

This was a display of a miniature Chatterbox, in a glass case, this was really cool.

Inside, there were so many amazing highlights of the "Chatterbox" era.

For a special friend, she knows who she is.

So this place was a score.
It was burgers, hot dogs and fries but the burgers and hot dogs were good.
The decor was really amazing -

Elvis was not in the building, I'm sure - I checked every square inch.
But his spirit, yes, his spirit was here.
I really loved this place!


  1. What a place to bring back memories! The 45's on the wall did the trick for me.

  2. It looks nothing like the Chatterbox that I once knew, which was a restaurant/diner in a gas station. It was the mid-sixties, and I could get a turkey sandwich, with peas and fries, for 60 cents. This was an occasional treat for lunch while I was in high school. Very occasional.

  3. The Chatterbox does look amazing. My husband would love it there.
    Love the final photo of the smiling car! Have a wonderful Tuesday :)

  4. That looks like SUCH a fun place! I love 50s-style decor and my husband loves cars, so that would SO be us!

  5. Hello, Debbie. The most crowded restaurants usually are the best. I love the decor and the cars. Looks like a fun place to eat.
    Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day.

  6. What a cool place. I would have ordered a hot dog!!!

  7. What a fun place!!! We frequent something similar when we head to Western CT...love it and the food...same type of thing...:)JP

  8. How fun! I would love it there, and order a hamburger! :)


  9. What a great place to eat with so much to take in!

  10. This place is great! Love the retro decor and that little blue sports car! The miniature version is wonderful. xx K

  11. What a neat place, Debbie, and I love, love, love that old Roadmaster bike!
    That little blue car isn't too "bad" either! :-)

  12. I love retro bikes. Great photo on that one! Glad to see you are keeping busy. Don't let all this sightseeing and adventure interfere with your knitting time. Wink. xoxo Andrea @ This Knitted Life

  13. At first I thought your post title was referring a person. ;-) Love the inside of this place! Fantastic cars!

  14. Some cool items and what a place! Love it!

  15. There is so much to look at,I might forget to eat. Nah,that would never happen.LOL

  16. Ohhhhkayyy! I do love the decor, but not the long lines and not the hamburger/hotdog offerings. But I am old and cranky. Did they have milkshakes? That I might stand in line for.

  17. That place looks huge - what an incredible amount of effort has gone into the decor! I wasn't surprised to hear your good verdict on the food... it's always worth a bit of a wait - you just know that many people can't be wrong!

  18. What a place, so pleased you were able to experience this.
    Looks to have an amazing atmosphere - and good tasting food too!

    All the best Jan

  19. Oh my, this is a place for my hubby and me! We would love it. We love old cars, we love hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and shakes; although we don't have them often. You know my sweetheart had a heart attack at age 45; so we only have this type of food on very special occasions. This looked like such an amazing place. Hugs for this one!

  20. Wow what a cool place. I would love to go there just to see the inside. You guys find the coolest places to eat.

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