Monday, February 27, 2017

Frozen In Ice

Sunday was the last day for 
Frozen in Ice at Skylands Stadium.
It was quite a drive for us - almost 2 hours - maybe not worth it...
but it was Sunday Fun-day and we had no other plans, so off we went.

- Frozen In Ice - An Ice Sculpture Extravaganza -
One large indoor room featuring an interactive cardinal theme.
  A 50 foot ice slide, a carousel, life size maze, candy house, a wine tasting bar - 
and lot's of ice games for the little ones.
It was fun and colorful and I enjoyed our journey here - it was good knitting time.

A ride on a dolphin...

and a 50 foot slide...

and me - sliding down the slide!!

The horses on the carousel were so pretty...

Outdoors there were ice sculpting demonstrations...

A fish...

an elephant...

 a lion...

and a dragon.

And here we are enjoying a nice, ice, roller coaster ride!!
This image was complimentary, emailed to you while you were enjoying your visit!!


  1. Hello, Debbie! Looks like another fun day and event. The ice sculptures are wonderful. I like the carousel, the slide and your last shot of you and the hubby. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. They do that in Nashville every year at's Christmas-themed. We did it once year. It was so expensive, but the problem was that it was so cold, we couldn't stay long enough to get our money's worth. My stepdaughter was pretty young then and she played for a while, but even she got pretty cold, even in that parka they give you!

  3. Beautiful! Such creativity with ice is amazing!

    Looking good!

  4. You explore the coolest places ( pun not intended :-)) I love that ice slide!!

  5. I want to slide down that slide!!!!!!
    It looks like such a fun place, Debbie, and everything is so wonderfully colorful.

  6. Awesome. It's amazing how talented some are (and you are one of those)! Just beautiful, love the pics. xoxo

  7. Goodness if that's real ice what a cold slide down it must be! Our winter took away all our real ice sculptures, and I never got to see one of them this year. But a place like this, I'd be on my way there if possible! So colorful it all is.

  8. Those are beautiful! The slide is just fantastic! :-)

  9. Ice is nice
    So is rice
    But not lice

  10. you & your husband are so photogenic. great shots. looks like such fun coming down the slide!! ( ;

  11. It looks lovely.albeit,a little cold.

  12. i've never been to an ice display like this, but i always found them so mesmerizing!
    what beautiful sculptures!
    also that slide is just something else.
    how cool!

    many blessings to you..

  13. Looks like a fabulous day out and I can only imagine how cool it is in person to see these creations, glad you were able to go before it was over!

  14. How fun is that! We went to an ice palace when we were in Alaska and loved it.

  15. Such a fun place. I can't get over the ice slide and the ride! Loved the fish :D)xx

  16. Never been to a place like this before ...
    Good for you having a slide!

    All the best Jan

  17. I find this place so amazing; because I don't know how they do all those sculptures. ice slides and an ice roller coaster ride. My favorite photo was of you coming down the ice slide; you look so happy. Second photo of course, it the cute one of the two of you. I love going on your adventures with you through your awesome pictures. Blessings and hugs~

  18. Again another fun place. The slide is super neat and you are just so cute sliding down it.