Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Want To Live on a Farm......

really, I do. I love where I live now....one acre, on a river, on a culdesac. Very cute little neighborhood, but recently I have been dreaming of a farm. Perhaps it is all the blogs I have been reading, all the farm animals and wildlife I have been viewing. I have always been in love with nature, lately I have been longing to live somewhere,

like this. 
With lot's of these,

and maybe some of these.

and I loved these Blue Slate Turkeys
(I did have to "google" that!)

These goats were adorable
and clearly hungry!

A couple of these,

and some of these...



and definitely one of these!!!!!!

Hop on over to Tricia's Barn Charm here to see some amazing barns!!!!


TexWisGirl said...

oh, you've got the fever. yup, reading farm blogs will definitely open dreams you thought were safely tucked away. i get that way if i read/follow any horse-riding ones. makes me want to start up again and i refuse to put myself thru the angst again (since it doesn't come naturally, it becomes stressful work for me - and the horse). anyway, how does hubby feel about this 'want'? is there a chance to trade your 1 acre for 4 or 5?

Dawn said...

:) I know what you mean. I felt that way when I lived in town....and now....(I sometimes wish I was back in town;))

Kim, USA said...

I am in the farm now but no more animals except, barn cats ^_^ Love your photos!

Barn Charm

Judy said...

You are not alone. My husband and I dragged our youngest to the country, 3 1/2 hours away last August...and...We all love it. We don't have animals other than our dog, but there's nothing but cows and horses around us. So right now that's okay.
Those look like great barns.

Tammy said...

I completely agree. It sure looks like a good life!

Leif Hagen said...

The goats made the Barn Charm photo! Great!
Warm regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota

genie said...

I LOVE this series....and your commentary is so cute. I grew up in south Florida and always dreamed of living on a farm. 32 years ago we bought one in VA, and now that I am old I want to be back in south Florida....What is that saying...the grass is always greener on the other side?!?!!? We no longer have animals and pay to have our fields cut. We do have a cat and a dog and lots and lots of birds. The one special thing is we are on a creek and that is heaven here on earth. So, all in all, I will stay where I am and be happy.

Anonymous said...

That's certainly a nice barn to be dreaming about... love the red & all the white fencing... the animals, too, especially the horse!!! =)

I apologize for taking so long to visit, but the flood situation in this area has me busy out shooting the scenery! =0

Stay tuned to Bluff Area Daily for updates on the situation! LoL! =)

Anonymous said...

I grew up on a farm! We had horses at one time, but now only chickens and cows! My folks still live there, and its wonderful! I would love to own more land, it would be nice to roam free through the trees! Thanks for the sweeet words! I think that you are right! And I love the color purple!