Friday, September 15, 2023

What's Happening...

Hallelujah...the dead heat of the summer has passed and the cool weather has finally arrived.
Thursday was so beautiful, a perfect 10 by those number standards.
Weather like this just makes you feel good, happy to be outside!

 I made this pasta dish again the other night (I make it all the time) and it is just too good for words.
It goes together so quickly and is one of the yummiest dishes I make.
I follow this recipe, almost exactly.
I start with a, not included, diced sweet onion, well, because you just have too.
I do not add the flour so there is no need for all of that salty pasta water, 
I just add a little pasta water at the end...I don't add the mozzarella cheese either.
It looks dry in the picture but its not!
I garnished it with fresh basil from my garden, it has been so good and I have so much.

Liz and Leanne "run" the book club, I couldn't think of a better word.
They offer 3 choices each month for the new book and the club members vote.
This was one of the choices, the book I voted for and the one I am so excited to read.
It was in at the library, I love that I have a library card and feel weirdly special when I go in.
Can anyone relate?!

I realized that I have never shared a picture of the entire wildflower garden.
This is one side, the other side bloomed first and is now a real eye sore and needs tending to.

When I am outside, I just can't help myself from taking more pictures.
I will miss this so much when the weather changes.

I started my first pumpkin last night, this was my favorite of the yarns.

It's tiny and will look like the one on the right.

We are going to the 

today, I am pretty excited.


eileeninmd said...

Your pumpkins are cute! Lovely wildflower garden, flowers are a happy sight.
I have made a similar paste dish, it is yummy. I use my library card to borrow ebooks for my kindle. Take care, have a wonderful weekend!

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

While the fall flower festival sounds like fun, I am going to pass on that book. Hopefully you enjoy it though!

Marie Smith said...

Hope the day was a great one. I love the look of that pasta meal! So satisfying now that the weather is cooler. It certainly is here tonight.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Adorable pumpkins! I love the colors.
The pasta looks delicious.
Have fun at the concert

Rian said...

Debbie, I love pasta... have to use gluten-free these days, but still good. And although I don't care for sausage except for flavoring dishes, this recipe does look good and we do like Italian sausage. So I may try this. Thanks

Conniecrafter said...

Neat they decided on a book you wanted, yes I do like it when I can get a book from the library :) My flowers need a lot of dead heading to be done, but now that the temps aren't so high they are doing much better :)
I love the color yarn you are using for your pumpkin, can't wait to see it finished :)

Lowcarb team member said...

Your wildflower garden looks lovely.
Your knitted pumpkins look great, a nice size.

All the best Jan