Friday, September 8, 2023

Round Up...

 I rarely see the sunrise, I always sleep through it and I really regret that!

This was a rare, lovely sunrise I saw on the way to the Balloon Festival this year.
Not spectacular, just a soft, pretty sky that I enjoyed from the car.

I viewed this sunset from home a few nights ago...
it had the same orange hues that the sunrise was a soft, buttery orange,
appealing but not spectacular.

This picture was somehow overlooked when I shared my wildflower pictures, it is a
Cornflower or Bachelor's Button
I had a bunch of these in my wildflower garden earlier in the season, 
these were spectacular.

The hubs brought these gorgeous flowers home for me the other day,
for no reason at all...I felt so special, so loved.

I am trying to read more, the operative word is trying,
so far I have not been doing too well.
The next book for my book club has not been selected yet, 
we all vote after we've been given 3 choices.
I am determined to read that book, start to finish.

And once again I have Caterpillars...
YES, all of a sudden I have at least 11 large caterpillars,
and 5 babies.
There are 5 large ones in this picture.
They will probably chrysalis and stay in that form over winter.
They will emerge in the spring!

I had a fun zoom with my knitting friends at 7 pm last night.
I signed off at 8 pm to get ready for the big game.
What game you ask?

The Kansas City Chiefs vs The Detroit Lions

I had a nightmare that my Kansas City Chiefs lost, by 1 point...

wait, it's true...oh no, my poor Patrick, it was not your fault!

- a true football fan wears their jersey even when their team is 0 & 12 -
- will always hold out hope that "this is our year" -


Sandi said...

"for no reason at all..."

🙂 Those are the best kind!

eileeninmd said...


Pretty sky captures! Your flowers are beautiful.
Good luck to your caterpillars.
Take care, have a happy day!

Marie Smith said...

Love the flower arrangement. So pretty, taking the garden inside!

DeniseinVA said...

Sunsets and sunrises, even when they aren't spectacular, have a lot of beauty in their diffused colors. And then there are your flowers, now those colors are glorious. Always admire you taking care of our caterpillars. That's an important job. Silly question, do you go looking for them or is there some kind of mail order thing? Go Kansas City Chiefs!!! I hope they do great this year.

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

What kind of caterpillars are those? Here at the farm, I have been seeing a lot of black/orange caterpillars, I think they are monarchs?

Lowcarb team member said...

Beautiful looking skies and lovely flowers.

All the best Jan

Conniecrafter said...

We saw a lovely sunset last night at one of the lakes we like to go too! I remember when we grew bachelor's buttons, they were so pretty.
I love just because flowers, those are the best :)
Oh wow you have a good amount of caterpillars, fun times next spring.
Well since we are from Michigan I will have to say I had to vote for the Lions, so I was pretty happy for them :)