Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Perusing The Internet...

I find so many fun and interesting things perusing the internet!
- this pretty candle would look great on a fireplace mantle -

- this cute outfit, for a day of fun and adventure -

- this would make a lovely house warming, or thank you gift -

- cute tee shirts for weekend adventures -

- these are definitely on the "to make list" -

- along with this "lemon ricotta pasta dish" -

- if I ever learn how to knit a sweater, this will be it -

- and I would like to knit 3 hats for the kids next door for Christmas -

- this made me laugh -

- this made me laugh out loud -

Be sure to laugh and have fun, every single day!


  1. What nice things to see. I would love to make that candle some day.
    Your sweater would be awesome if you made it.
    I like that hat too.
    I hope you are feeling better today.

  2. I would love that Adventure t shirt and the funnies...are funny! Hugs!

  3. Lol with that last cartoon! I bet those hats would be easy to knit and much appreciated! I think I will have to look up a recipe for lemon ricotta pasta. That looks yummy! It is fun to explore on the Internet!


  4. Endless items of interest on the internet .

  5. I hadn’t realized you haven’t knitted a sweater yet until you mentioned it. You could do that, Debbie.

  6. There is a lot to see and read on the internet.
    Have to say the food here on your post looks delicious.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  7. I enjoyed the funnies!

    I love that Adventure T-shirt.

  8. I love those t-shirts. That pink one would be perfect for work :0) That last picture made me laugh out loud. It really made my morning :0)

  9. It is true that you can find most anything on the internet. How did we ever do without it.

  10. Oh my goodness Debbie what a fun-filled and funny post this is! I really enjoyed it, and could see myself owning that shirt with the van I'm sure you know which one too! Thanks for the names with all those beautiful butterflies too! Enjoy your week!

  11. Oh yes there is so much out there to look at and it amazes me at how fast time can go by and you would think you have only been on for a little bit. I laughed out loud to the last one too :)

  12. I do think humor is what helps us so much. I loved the cartoon; so true! You had some great items on this one. I loved the towel with the recipe on it and wooden spoons. I loved the knitting items and I hope you can make three hats for Christmas. You are always thoughtful of others and give much of your heart to y9our loved ones. Of course, the food looks yummy. I liked the sayings on the tee shirts. This was a fun one.
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs!

  13. What is the sweater pattern? I love it.