Friday, June 3, 2011

We Love Cracker Barrel.......

for soooo many different reasons. First off, we love the car ride. Thirty minutes from home but it is a super fun ride, in to the "country". We see lot's of farms, farm animals, country landscape and deer!! Second, we love the food, homemade comfort food at it's best!!!! And who doesn't love those cute little country store's?!?! Where you can buy all the unnecessary darling things they sell there!! We go about twice a month usually on Thursday because on Thursday's they have turkey with cornbread stuffing. That's my favorite and it's really delicious, just like mamma's kitchen. If you have never been, enjoy this picture tour.......

Old Country Store and so much more!!!!

No fire today....too hot, but it is super cozy in the winter....
and just plain pretty to look at!!!!

I forgot to take a picture of my meal, before I inhaled it.....
so I took a picture of the sign!!!
Mine looked just like this except I had mashed potatoes instead of carrots!!
Chuck had pot roast with mashed potatoes and corn!!

We shared this....
Apple was. delish!!!!

If you have never been, the attached little country store looks like this........

I just adore the memories this piece evokes!!!!!

All kinds of funky antiques hang from the ceiling......

and this bike....perhaps a Schwinn......

Outside they have the cute little rockers.......

and table's set up to play checkers,
I forgot to get a picture of the checkers!!!

Chuck and I....resting in the rockers.....
well.......not really but that's a whole nother post!!!!!!

We had a super fun ride home with several detours......I LOVE detours!!!!


  1. I can tell that I would love this place.Perhaps it's good I live too far away,because I probably would leave a fair chance of my money there. :)
    Thanks for sharing this special time with me.

  2. We love Cracker Barrel, too!

    Nice I have a strange urge to go to Cracker Barrel! :)
    I'm cravin' me some comfort food! haha

  3. i've never eaten there but i've been to their store a couple of times (they're the only place i could find root beer barrels to send to my blog friend in S Africa that didn't know what root beer was!!!) the closest one is about an hour from us, but it is an adventure in their giftshop...

  4. I love it too :) I bought the coolest "butterfly in a jar" there last November. Its so realistic!!

  5. On a cross-country drive we saw Cracker Barrels everywhere. We had dinner at one in Kentucky where they talked us into "buyin' sum fuuudge." The food was great and we loved the iced cider. But my favorite is playing Goldylocks in all the rockers out front.

  6. I have never seen a Cracker Barrel here in Canada but I may be wrong. It sure does look good. I love detours too you never know what you will see. B

  7. We don't have them in California but when we would go to Oklahoma to visit my Mom it was her favorite place to go. I hadn't thought of that in a while. Thanks. It looks like a fun place.

  8. Always a favorite of ours too!

  9. They are pretty popular in Nebraska. I've been a couple of times and really enjoyed the food. :)

  10. Love, love, LOVE the Cracker Barrel!

    We used to travel by RV several times a year and would always stop for meals there. Great family memories.

    Thanks for the pics they are beautiful. Made me want some meatloaf. Maybe we are due for a road trip. ;)

  11. You guys have lots of fun wherever you go!
    I really enjoyed the pictures. Lovely to see inside your favourite places. I saw a pretty little birdhouse (green walls, yellow roof) in one of the photos - cute for the garden :D)
    That cornbread stuffing looks delish. The apple cobbler - mmmmmm! No wonder you love going there.

  12. Oh my. That dessert looks so good!! YUM!

  13. I love Cracker Barrel too! Every time I go to one, I always say I'm going to buy one of those rocking chairs, but I never do. One day I will.