Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mystic Ducks!!!!

The Mystic shopping village had a wonderful pond, filled with ducks!! 

Momma Mallard........

to these babies.....there were 8.
One was always doing it's own thing....must have been a boy!!!!

Momma chasing the in particular.....

Number eight....always looking for adventure!!!!

Settling in for the night.....
all eight fit beneath her, look at her adoring glance!!!

wanderers.......adventure seekers!!!!!

I was unable to I.D. this duck, it was beautiful,
bigger then the mallards!!!!

Could not I.D. this one either, it was unique,
also bigger then the mallards!!!!

No idea here either.....any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Another female Mallard

Momma trying to encourage junior to join the pack!!!!

Male Mallard with his cute little tail curl!!!!

I could have spent my entire vacation at this pond. We visited each day and I spent more time with the ducks then I did shopping!!!!

It also had this.........


TexWisGirl said...

love that sweet little mallard family!!!

i think some of the 'misc.' ducks might be mallard crosses. mallards are known to cross with muscovy ducks, i know. they create a 'mule' which cannot reproduce. we had one here for several years and i called her "Sounder" because she could quack and the other muscovies couldn't. :)

Farm Girl said...

Oh I love these pictures! I really like the one with the mother duck and her babies all snuggled under her. You got so lovely shots, I have enjoyed your vacation too.

i cant decide said...

I love watching ducks. My number 8 is always off on an adventure somewhere! I wonder if her's was a boy also, lol.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Watching the young of any species is so entertaining.

don said...

What a fine duck series. They are so cute. Thanks for coming by my site!

Leenie said...

Love the ducks!!! Great photos of momma and kids, even that renegade that every family has.

I think Texwisgirl may be right about the mallard cross-breeding. At our city duck pond the wild ducks have crossed with the domestic until we have a flock of mutant ducks.

Susan said...

What an absolute treat this post is!
Those ducks are gorgeous. I especially love the one of them tucking under Mum for the night :D)

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

Poor Mama Duck. Always one wild child in every bunch.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Laughing at what Debbie @Swampbilly said! :)

Those babies are so adorable, you got some great photos of them. I especially love that sweet moment of mama looking at them underneath her.