Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Delicious Orchards!!

Hold on to your hats ladies and gents...this place is awesome.
A 20 minute drive from home, this is, hands down,
about as close to nirvana as you can get.

Delicious Orchards, Colts Neck,  New Jersey
a farmers market of sorts, but sooooo much more!!
I just LOVE the weathervane on the roof!!

This cute little barrel lets thirsty shoppers sample their apple cider.
Which by the amazing!! 

Pies, pies, everywhere there's pie's...the best I have ever eaten!!

Homemade breads and fabulous cheeses...
all made on the premises!!

Fresh produce and tons of fresh fruit, I forgot to get a picture of all the fruit.

Florida Corn

Eggplant anyone, these were gorgeous!!

Fresh Herbs and...

have you ever seen this many??
They have a huge variety and lots of "sampling"
so you are sure to pick the perfect one!

They also have tons of homemade candy
if you happen to have a sweet tooth like the hubs!!

and a cute little cafe which is the perfect resting spot,
after all that shopping.
If you go, the apple cider is a must try!!

Outside, you will find lot's of this...

beautiful flowers for the garden...

and this, don't you just love it?!

And the Fritter Shack

where you get apple slice, dipped in funnel cake batter, 
deep fried and covered with powdered sugar.
Just in case you need a little more flavor, dipping sauces are provided.
Honey, caramel and chocolate, we liked the caramel best!!

Good thing we got three, these were really good!!
And super low - cal, I am sure!!

Delicious Orchard's...a little bit of everything fun!!


Dawn said...

Oh! I lost my hat on this one:)))
This place needs to move 20 minutes from MY house!:))

TexWisGirl said...

you had me at PIES!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish this were closer to my house...but you'll just have to enjoy it for me.

Leenie said...

It sounds like heaven! It almost brought me to tears. Nothing like that anywhere near here. That was almost evil to show such temptations.

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

The pies look great! No wait...the cider....that would be my favorite....wait, wait...those fritters!!! Oh, I want to go there!!! Do they ship??

Tammy said...

Looks like a little slice of heaven.

Susan said...

Oh wow - this place has everything!!
You could easily spend all day there.
That Fritter Shack of Temptation was my tipping point - I wanna be there .... waaaaaah!!! :D)

Ruth Hiebert said...

This place looks very inviting.The outside is beautifully done.

Bonnie said...

Okay, I put on two pounds just looking at the fritters. Not fair! I just going to repack the suitcases.

stardust said...

I'd like to have a place like Delicious Orchards nearby. Arrays of so many delicious foods. You made me hungry, Debbie!

Dianna said...

Looks like a wonderful place: so bright and clean!
And those lo-cal apple slices looked pretty good too!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Twenty minutes I would be there every day. Low calorie stuff eh. B

Caroline said...

So glad that it's 20 mins. from me too. I can't wait to go and use the Groupon Coupon I got from Delicious Orchards. A $40 gift cert. for $20. I'm going to go nut's there.

Kate said...

I used to live right by this place and would go every saturday morning for cider donuts and my produce for the week. Aside from everything amazing you mentioned, the people that work there are equally amazing as the food.

Anonymous said...

I left Jersey 18 years ago and no matter when I got back for a visit this place is always on my list. Pecan and coconut custard pies are the bestest:)

Jennie K said...

I am lucky enough to live 10 minutes from D.O. I know the produce is a little bit pricier than other supermarkets, but the quality & taste can't be beat! Also, I bought some muscat grapes (oh my heavens so good!), forgot about them for over a week, and gave them a try anyway - they were still perfect! Produce lasts much longer than from other places.

Hey Debbie @ Swampbilly.... YES!

cmn's blog said...

Living in the agricultural central valley of CA now, and although it is the food basket of the world,I haven't found a place as nice as DO where I live. I miss the deli counter there too! I remember when it first opened on Rte 34, it was waaaaay smaller! It's certainly grown over the years, good on 'em.

Rose said...

I would love to visit this place...probably have fun working there, too.

penny said...

One of my all time favorite places to visit, especially in the spring and fall.
A delightful blast from my past.. Thanks for the beautiful memories, Debbie.

be Well n Happy,
Pam :)

Jeannee said...

My mother LOVED this place - and so did I! YES it has grown and expanded over the years! you did it fine justice, dear friend!!! I shared it on my twitter page.