Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It Sure Was Hot Yesterday......

and everybody was looking for a spot to cool off.........

My birdies love that little rock in the center.....
for landing and resting before diving in!!!!

now I'm ready to clean up and cool down.......

action shot.....let me show you how this is done!!!!!

almost finished............

does anybody have a blow dryer?!?!?

now that's better....how do I look?!?!?!


  1. I always love your commentary, you make me laugh. B

  2. every feather in place, sure... :)

  3. These are wonderful pictures.The Robins do know how to really get the moves going during a bath.

  4. Wow! Fun action. Your robins feel right comfortable in their bath. I'm taking notes and will put a rock in my bird bath right away.

  5. Not sure about running electricity for the blow dryer outlet, though.

  6. It felt hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk! :)

    Great photos, this Robin has the right idea to beat the heat for sure!

  7. I love watching birds take baths. I think like to watch them preen afterwards. They enjoy it so much.

  8. Awww, haha! That had to feel good! :)

  9. Looks refreshing :)

    So fun to watch.

  10. Watching birds in a birdbath is so much fun! Thanks for sharing these great pics!

  11. Great way to cool off :D And I have to tell you...since you mentioned about placing the rock in the bird bath the other week, I put one in mine. The birds LOVE it!! Thanks :)

  12. Great post! I wish I could have done the same thing!

  13. What a great set of pictures, Debbie. I think Robins are a special type of bird, annoucing the arrival of Fall, and Spring, with their "travel" arrangements.

    I wanted to welcome you to my blog. It is great to have you there.

    I've been looking at the photographs of your house and gardens and... holy MACARONI, Debbie, they are just plain GORGEOUS!!!!

    Slowly I will read your old posts, so I can get to know you. And... "I'LL BE BAACK"... as he used to say.

  14. Such a lovely series of shots.
    It looks so refreshing in your bird bath.
    I'm loving all the birds who come to your garden.