Thursday, May 12, 2011


means fearless. These pictures were taken on May 1, 2011 and seemed perfect for today's post. On that day, I had no idea what was coming. That on that day and in the coming days, I needed to be fearless, I wasn't. We had a great day May 1st but I was not feeling well. I gave my camera to Chuck to help with getting some seagull "flight" shots.....who does that, certainly not me!!!! The boat Dauntless sailed by, I hardly noticed it, Chuck took this shot........

The Dauntless

he preferred the fishing boats.......
The Jaime Mae

Capt Cader

here are the best flight shots......

The Herring Gull

The Herring Gull

Royal Tern
with some mighty heavy wings.......

These pictures were taken in Point Pleasant, New Jersey,
at "The Inlet"
where all the locals go to watch the boats come in and out from the ocean.
Chuck and I went here on our very first date, just to sit and talk.
I love going always reminds me of that night!!!!

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  1. oh, the in-flight shots are great!!! hope your heavy wings are getting lighter every hour... :)