Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yard Progress!!!!

The yard is coming along nicely......all those spring chores that must be done in order to "prepare" the yard for summer. There won't be a lot of chatter here today as I need to get outside and get to "work".

This deck wraps around the back of the house.....
it's all cleaned up, the furniture is scrubbed,
and the wrong umbrella is in place.
I will tell Chuck that today!!!!

This is scrubbed and ready to go!!!!!
I'm thinking about a nice big steak or some juicy kabobs!!!!

The patio tomatoes are potted and caged!!!!!

The entire bird feeding station is cleaned (including windows) and filled!!!!!
This is where I take all my pictures!!!!

The new humming bird feeder is up and filled!!!!!!

Same window.....just a little further back.
The plants under the window are a variety of hydrangea's and a sand cherry tree,
you should recognize the tree from my bird pictures!!!!

The bird bath is scrubbed and filled....
I always keep that rock in the center, it's a great spot for the birds to land.
I learned that from Martha Stewart!!!!

This is back by the pool, we did a lot of weeding back here!!!
The yellow bushes are gold flame spireas, they are gorgeous!!!
Pink old fashioned roses grow around the arbor!!!

and they are almost here!!!!!

Close up of the gold flame spireas.....
the delicate purple flowers are only a few days away!!!!

The roses look sooooo much better covered with sun!!!!!

These are Knockout Roses, look at all those buds!!!!!!
I have 5 of these!!!!!

The maple trees are full of leaves, providing some much needed shade in the backyard!!!!

Isn't the back of the house soooo pretty.....
I just love all the lines and windows!!!!!

I have sooooo much more but I need to "get busy" so that's it for today. That was really too much anyway. I am so thrilled to add that I am walking "without" any assistance. Very slow, very short distance's but the walker is history and I decided not to rely on a cane. Last time I became too dependent on it. Wish me luck, i am off to "sit" in my gardens and plant my joy!!!! 


  1. hurray for you, you stubborn girl! :) loved the walk around your yard! loved your 'covered in sun' note. wonderful way to put it!

    i like your bird bath. thanks for the reminder to take some windex to my office window (bird feeder shooting area) as the bit of rain we got the other day left some trace.

  2. p.s. i like your home! i like the white-wash effect on the siding! very coastal!

  3. I enjoyed my visit to your beautiful yard.I wish I could come and sit with you and share some joy.

  4. Love all of it! I could just sit there and relax all day! And I never knew about placing a rock in the center of the bird bath. I'm off to put one in mine right now! Makes perfect sence...of course Martha would know :D

  5. Your back yard looks great! All neat and tidy! I love all the windows in your house- makes for beautiful views. Thanks for the rock-in-the-bird-bath tip!

    Enjoy your day :)

  6. I would truly enjoy sitting on your deck relaxing enjoying the nice view. B

  7. Looks like you are ready for summer. Everything looks beautiful! That is an interesting hummer feeder. I've never seen one like it before.