Monday, May 16, 2011

A Visit From My Big Sis!!!!!!

My older sister who lives in Pa. came for a visit this weekend. We don't see her too often as it is a 6 hour car ride for her. I asked her not to come, to wait until I was feeling better so we could have fun while she was here, but she didn't listen and came anyway. She said she came to keep my mom company and keep her busy. That was necessary because my mom has been cooking since I came home from the hospital. "That's what I do", she keeps telling me, I'm not really sure I know what that means. Of course she brings all the food here!!!! I don't know about your family but in my family, if someone gets sick, "we take over food". That's right, we do and I have no idea why!! I will never be able to eat all the food I have now so when my sister said she was making me a casserole I almost died. "Please don't do that Kathy", I said, "we have too much food now". So we "fussed" about that for almost an hour, I lost, and the next thing I know, the casserole appeared, with a huge loaf of crusty bread. I peeled back the foil and it smelled amazing. I must admit it was without doubt the best pasta casserole I have ever eaten......and lucky for you guys, I got some pictures before we devoured it!!!!!

Who's brave enough to comment on the "Christmas Bowls"
they are my favorite's and the perfect size for pasta serving!!!!

Chuck is already passed out and I can barely move.

So a big THANK YOU to by big sister Kathy,
this was delish!!!!!


  1. oh, i love me some good pasta... i think i was Italian in a former life. dang it!!! now you made me hungry!

  2. YUM! Thats what sisters are for :) And now I'm hungry too !!

  3. It looks wonderful. I think the bowls are perfect size.
    Thank you for becoming my 99th follower. I appreciate it so much. :) It is nice meeting you too.

  4. Sisters are the best. I could eat that casserole right now it looks great. Get well soon OK. I am like your Mom when in doubt what to do to help I cook. "That's what I do." B