Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Great Adventure's of Mystic...Part 2

Tuesday started here...

Kitchen Little
This little "shack" sits right on the Mystic River
and believe me when I tell you, it is smaller then it looks!!

Don't you just love the sign?!?

and the breakfast!! oooohhhhh my, this was amazing.
Fresh pound cake french toast, smothered in a fresh berry sauce!!

Chuck's cinnamon-sugar glazed pancakes!!

We sat outside at a picnic table and enjoyed that gorgeous view!!

This picture is for my friend Jane!!

Next stop, Stonington.
There was one stop before Stonington
A small children's garden that we have visited in the past.
The sign at the entrance says "Enter with a Happy Heart"!!
I may do a separate blog post just about that, cute, fun place for kids!!

The hubs and I in Stonington, look at that view!!

It felt amazing!!
We always appreciate everything!!

Two silly kids

The Lighthouse In Stonington

Stonington was super fun, the temperatures were cool and we found lots of sea glass and pretty rocks. I also got some awesome pictures of a seagull and an Egret.
I will save them and post them separately. 
This place offered up lot's of blog material, enough for a least a week!! 

They had some very cute shops in Stonington.
It looks just like a seaside village, sorry no pictures.
I get a lil excited with the shopping and I forgot to take a picture.
I did get a gorgeous purple summer scarf for 8 bucks.
I honestly felt like I was stealing it, it is so pretty.

Next Stop, Abbott's Lobster In The Rough!!
Another seaside shack that actually looks a little scary
but has the most unbelievable lobster and seaside atmosphere.
The sign says "be patient, when you order it, it's swimming, that's how fresh it is"!
Let's get down to the pictures...
That's one happy me!!
Again, you sit outside at a picnic table, facing the river,
watching all the boats go by.

Lobster Bisque, Shrimp & Corn Chowder
and Shrimp in the rough!! and this...

Hot Lobster Roll!!
This is lobster meat and drawn butter on a toasted roll, served warm!!
No mayo, no celery, no fillers, just the good stuff...LOBSTER!!!!
This is simply amazing!!

Chuck and Debbie with very happy bellies!!
This my friends is why we don't eat Mystic Pizza!!
We mostly eat Abbott's!!

The view

If you ever travel to Mystic, Abbott's Lobster In The Rough is a must do!!

Next stop...home, I am pretty excited about that also!!


LBB said...

You guys are so cute!! And that so much great food! Love that first "shack"!

TexWisGirl said...

oh you are making me so HUNGRY for seafood! :)

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

You are REALLY making my leftovers-for-lunch seem lame. Love your blog! Looking forward to following you for more.

stardust said...

Oh, Debbie, you made me full with delicious meals and desserts, lovely sceneries, and so much fun. I'm happy for you that you two could enjoy yourselves to your hearts' content... and stomack's, too, like innocent kids.

Tammy said...

You are making me hungry :)

As for my 5 AM post, Though I am often up at 5 for work, I must admidt, I sometimes schedule posts. That was one I scheduled the day before ;)

Julie G. said...

Thank you for taking us along on your Mystic adventure! Looks like a very charming place to visit. You created such a terrific post filled with an enthusiastic narrative, fun photographs and ... oh my goodness ... heavenly dishes. Unbelievable yummy and sticky breaksfast (my stomach is growling!). Awesome seafood lunch (my mouth is watering!). You most definitely should write brochures for Mystic tourism. I would love to visit! Great post!

Susan said...

Yum, yum and yum!!! You guys are serious foodies :D)
It's true what it says on the Little Kitchen sign "Gourmet Breakfast" - wow!
Such happy pics - delightful.
The views are real beaut. We've always had a thing for lighthouses, so it was great to see yours.

(Am working backwards on your posts - blogger was playing up. All good now, obviously ;-))

Jane said...

Debbie!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pics of Mystic and our favorite "little" breakfast spot! Thank you for posting! Next time Im'a gettin' that blueberry french toast! My cousin, Linda, and I sat at the EXACT SAME TABLE! So glad you enjoyed your time there. And, your blog is wonderful....just like YOU. Hugs...Jane

Dianna said...

Just found this post through the link on your sidebar (I don't think I knew about your blog back in June). We visited Mystic in July!) We drove through Stonington, but it was Sunday morning and nothing was open. We also ate (outside) at Kitchen Little's!
And we DID eat Mystic Pizza!
Beautiful pictures - isn't it a lovely area?!