Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Special Day In Cape May!!!!

We spent our anniversary, June 25th, in Cape May, New Jersey. It was a beautiful day, just like it was 33 years ago!!! We saw several weddings and lot's of beautiful gardens.

Did we take pictures you ask, well of course we did. We look a little different but we are happier then ever........

Cape May!!!!!

A favorite spot at Congress Hall

Congress Hall Gardens......

were absolutely gorgeous........

Lace-Cap Hydrangea.....many thanks to my friend Nancy for her I.D.
Remember Nancy........

Cleomeor, thanks Nancy..........

beautiful daises!!!
We rode our bikes, shopped and took in all the beauty around us!!!

Dinner was good, but not really picture worthy.....
this on the other hand was amazing!!!!!


led us on a carriage ride......

a fairy tale ending to the perfect day!!!!!

Nancy also helped me to identify most of the butterflies in Hershey Gardens Post
I forgot to give her credit!!!!!


  1. so neat!

    the first unknown bloom might be a type of yarrow - i bought some colored varieties at my local landscape place this year so i know colors abound.


  2. What a romantic time! 33 years looks good on you both!

  3. Looks like the perfect way to Celebrate! COngratulations!

  4. I'm glad you were able to return to this meaningful place. It looks very attractive with all the beautiful flowers. Your marriage seem "on track" and you're both happy.... that's great! A buggy ride to boot...you can't beat that. Very nice post.

  5. Ahhhh what a magical date with your sweetie.


  6. What a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary.Beautiful scenes all around.

  7. How lovely - such a lovely place for your perfect day.
    It's really nice to go back to the same places in our memories isn't it.

    The flowers are absolutely divine too :D)

  8. Perfect. Simple and shared together. Can't beat that!

  9. Beautiful flowers and you two do the most fun things! Love it!