Thursday, June 2, 2011

Feed The Birds!!!!

This bird has been hanging around my feeders........

I just could not figure out what it was.
Google....bird book(s).....nothing!!!!

It was always fighting with this bird........

the European Starling
or at least that's what I thought........
Then the hubs started watching and he says
 "their not fighting, those are babies and the Starling is feeding them"!! 

I grabbed the camera first.....of course,
questions come second!!

Despite the fact that the "babies" are huge and look nothing like the Starling, he was right (of course)!!!!!

There are three.......
look how big they are!!!!!!

this is what they look like when mamma's coming.......
mouth's open wide!!!!!

I was so happy to capture this shot of her feeding the "baby"!!!

and this one's a little blurry but oooohhhh so cute!!!


  1. very cool little (big!) monsters!

  2. Nice catch on the baby feeding. Your photos are pretty cool.

    I'm sucked into feeding all the birds in the neighborhood. Can't have chickens so I blow my spending money on millet and sunflower seeds. I rationalize how all my "friends" are eating annoying insects. Plus my place seems to be a rest stop on the way to Canada. Guess it's cheeeper (sorry) than a lot of other vices.

  3. Oh how cute! Those are really great shots! Those babies look to be as big as their mama!

  4. I love their big open mouths:))

  5. Wow, very cool shots! Those babies look pretty demanding. Just like human get them all grown up, but they just won't leave the nest and every day want to know what's for

  6. so happy everyone enjoyed these!!'s "failure to launch", which i think is worse then the "boomberang syndrome", when they launch and then come back!!

    mine are gone we have the "empty nest"...which we actually love!! it was so funny. the guy who was installing the carpet in the boys bedrooms after they left, asked me quietly, "how did you do it??", i had no idea what he was talking about. then he clarified, "how did you get rid of them"!! i laughed so hard...if you check out the "nest" pictures, we gutted the 2 bedrooms and bathroom after they left. now, it so nice, clean and pretty!!

  7. Bird babies can pretend to be so helpless when a parent is nearby.Maybe that's not so different from human babies.

  8. Starling babies are definitely demanding! Cute photos!

  9. So many great shots! I just love matter what they are :D

  10. Fabulous shots. Of them actually being fed too - how great is that.
    Oh my goodness, what a handful that poor Mother bird had. Bet the squawking was loud!
    Well done to capture all that.

  11. Wow, these are great photos!