Wednesday, February 16, 2011

32 Days Till Spring!!!

32 days till the first day of Spring.....pretty sweet.

The only thing is I have a lot of winter projects that I have not even started yet. A few weeks back I talked about the things I love about winter. Just in case you missed that, you can read about winter's loveliness here.

The main thing I love about winter is the comfort of staying indoors and doing projects. I am not sure I mentioned that in the post, but if I did not, I should have. I need to get busy, I still have several projects I would like to do before spring. One of the many projects that is still on the to-do-list is to clean out and pretty up my hall/coat closet. I have all the supplies but have lacked a little motavation. I am hoping that by posting a before picture I will be inspired to get it done and cross it off the list. So here goes.....

not to messy, just really needs cleaning.....

not to shabby, but it could be trimmed to almost nothing
and by adding some really pretty boxes from Christmas Tree Store
it will look extra special!!!!
and be dust free!!!!

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