Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Yarn Along

My Yarn Along posts are not very popular...
they don't get many views or comments, let's try to change that today.
If you're here, leave me a comment!

I am still working on my
Neapolitan Cowl
with DyeForMe Merino Baby Alpaca Yarn, it is a very soft yarn and a joy to work with.
This cowl is a smooth, easy knit...if you can knit and purl, you can master this cowl.

On another note,
our lilacs are blooming right now, lilacs have been my favorite flower since childhood.

I have a crush on my new "project bag"...
if you look closely at the top fabric, you can see the cute little lambs.

I love the way these fabrics all go together...
This bag is the perfect size to hold most smaller sized projects,
and it is the perfect size for holding this project.

I found these lilacs on an abandoned lot,
good thing I had my clippers with me.


  1. Hello, your Cowl is looking beautiful. Well done! I love the cute bag with the sheep. Your lilacs are lovely. Wishing you a happy day!

  2. In Newfoundland, my lilacs didn’t bloom until the third week in June.

  3. Well, you know I love the soft and delicate looking but the PURPLE gets my attention for sure. I see that you are still working on projects. Good for you. BUT I love the bag, great for carrying your work with you and having it close when the mood strikes.

  4. Love the pattern of the cowl and the lilacs are beautiful..

  5. Your lilacs are incredible! I have loved them too. I love that yarn and I love your project bag. Well you know how much I love your yarn along posts. I have just been blogger AWOL because Ron was on vacation. :)
    Have a lovely week Debbie.

  6. Hi!!! Your cowl looks so nice. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Miss you!!

  7. I love your knitting blogs and your photography. They always make me smile. The lilacs are beautiful and I wish ours were also in boom. But, not yet in Wisconsin.

    1. thank you so much ruth!! you have never left me a moment before, i appreciate this one today!! do you have a blog??

  8. Hello Dear Debbie!

    Your needlework bag is beautiful.
    I am surprised by the blooming lilac.

    Hugs and greetings.

  9. I am in awe of your knitting skills.Love the lilacs and am waiting to have them bloom around here.

  10. Oh how pretty! And I love the project bags...I use them for everything in my sewing and crafting stuff! Helps me stay organized! Enjoy your afternoon sweet friend!

  11. It's mandatory to always take clippers along one when one goes for a walk; just in case there is a pretty flower hanging over the fence. =) I can almost smell your sweet Lilacs. They have the sweetest fragrance, don't they. Your Neopolitan Cowl is looking fabulous and as for that sweet little lamb's gorgeous. Happy knitting, lovely Debbie.

  12. Your yarn a long is one of my favorites. I love to see your latest project. This Cowl is lovely. Lilac's are one of my favorites, too. It brings back memories of sitting with my grandmother on her back porch enjoying the fragrance of the Lilacs. Your photos are beautiful. We have a Lilac tree but it hasn't bloomed yet.
    Blessings and hugs!

  13. Both the flowers and your lovely work are delightful. You know there are a lot of people who view and read posts that never or rarely put on comments so I would not worry as long as YOU like doing what you are doing.

  14. Hi there , I didnt see this post til today...I do love the little drawstring yarn bag and oh my those LILACS ARE GORGEOUS ARENT THEY???

  15. I do like your cowl and the lilacs are just so beautiful :)

    All the best Jan

  16. I missed this post I am glad you mentioned it in your last post. You are coming along great on your cowl. Wow I can't believe your lilacs are doing better than ours, we just have little buds on ours, this is the second year we have had it but still, can't wait for ours to bloom! That is a cute bag for your knitting!