Friday, April 26, 2019

A Picnic At The Inlet

It was sunny and warm on Tuesday, the perfect day for a picnic.
We went down to the inlet in Point Pleasant,

and picnicked here in the new picnic area they just recently built.
Homemade chicken salad sandwiches, on fresh wonder bread, the sandwiches were delicious.
I wasn't going to take pictures of the boats, I was knitting, but I just couldn't help myself.

The first boat we saw was the Gambler

Miss Michele III

The Norma K III

This was the Chris C

I had not seen this boat before, all of the boats but this one was familiar to me.
All of a sudden he gave us a big splash,
could it be he saw that I was taking pictures?

The Mikayla Alexa

The TnT

TnT and Chris C

The Jamaica was next...

The Jamaica II

The Canyon Runner

These pictures were all taken on the same day, funny how the sky changes.

So many boats came and went, it was just like a summer day!

It was a Rita's kind of day so we stopped for an ice on the way home.
They did not have my favorite, Juicy Pear, but they did have Watermelon so I settled for that.
With big chunks of watermelon in it, it was delicious...
and the perfect way to end the day!!


  1. I'm glad your camera won over the knitting.

  2. Fantastic boats! I would be watching them. Reminds me of the poker runs on Lake Michigan.

  3. Hello, love all the boat photos. Looks like a great day for a picnic and Rita's. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  4. An ice cream is always the perfect way to finish of a perfect day. Gosh that is a lot of boats. Love the one that was showing off just for you and your camera. I wonder......did you get much knitting done?? =)

  5. I could live on a boat. Be tough keeping Sissy dry, though.

  6. Chase has asked to go out on one of those big fishing boats for his 8th birthday this summer. Can you believe he's going to be 8??!!!

  7. Busy place! So many different colors and shapes of boats and ice cream is always a good choice:)

  8. Watching the boats and ice cream! Perfect!

  9. I do have to wonder how people come up with names for their boats.Would be interesting to know.

  10. There sure was a good amount of traffic, that makes it interesting to sit and watch them come and go, I was surprised that one made that big of a splash, usually they are going at slower speed. Great way to end the day, the watermelon sounds good :)

  11. What a beautiful day for a picnic. This inlet looks awesome.You got some spectacular photos of the photos of the boats. I loved it all.
    Blessings and hugs~

  12. Boats win over knitting!! Great shots Debbie

  13. OH WOW.....beautiful. I think if I could ever downsize enough (A LOT) I could enjoy living on one of the bigger ones.

  14. What a fun series of boats, only thing better would be seeing them in real life too! What a gorgeous day and the
    captain of Chris C. might be a bit of a show off! It sure was cool to see the splashing against the boat!

  15. We would have loved that day! Some of those boats are huge! I’m glad you put your knitting aside for your camera.

  16. I di enjoy seeing all of your boat photographs.

    All the best Jan