Monday, April 1, 2019

Allaire State Park

It was a beautiful day...the perfect day for a walk around
Allaire State Park
The parks earliest recorded history of industrial activity dates back to early 1750.
The property was purchased by James P. Allaire, he named it
The Howell Works.
During the next ten years he intensely developed the site, 
building homes and industrial buildings. 
The site soon developed into a self sustained community for 400 people.
The Howell Works produced castings and pig iron.

Thirteen of the original buildings still stand today.

The Stage Depot - Carriage House Built in 1833

The Stagecoach Barn, built around the same time...

Wheelwright Shop

General Store

The Bakery

The Blast Furnace

The Chapel

This day also included our first outing of the season on the bikes and some Coal Fired Pizza.
The weather is turning cold again but today was perfect!


  1. Interesting old buildings and lovely trees about to break forth into spring. A lovely place for a walk.

  2. Hello, looks like a wonderful day to be at the park. The shot of you and hubby on the steps is cute, I like the daffies. Coal Fire pizza is the best. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week ahead!

  3. If only they could tell us their the chapel and the old tree's.

  4. What a cute photo of the two of you and I love seeing the old buildings! They were serious when building them...they are BIG! And the old trees are beautiful. Love that you got to see the daffodils blooming too. Old timey...I love it! Enjoy your week!

  5. Glad you had good weather to get your bikes out and enjoy the buildings and I see the grass is greening and the flowers are blooming. Awww Spring!!

  6. Such a great excursion! Love the old buildings! That place is a treasure.

  7. I love those stately old trees lifting their arms toward the sky.

  8. Debbie - looks like the buildings were well-constructed, which I am sure has contributed to their survival. Love the willy-nilly daffodils. A sign of spring if there ever was one … and I am jealous of the fact that you are wearing capris and sandals!

  9. Spring has really sprung in your corner of the world.

  10. Gorgeous old buildings! Aren't you glad Spring has finally arrived?!!

  11. Beautiful buildings! I miss that kind of architecture in today's world of plastic siding and faux brick.

  12. All such lovely photographs.
    I especially liked the one of you and hubby on the steps :)

    All the best Jan

  13. What a cool place to visit. I love that blast furnace and the shape. Like a beehive.