Monday, April 15, 2019

Branch Brook Park in Essex County

Over the weekend we went to Branch Brook Park in Essex County 
to see their Cherry Blossom display.
You might remember we were here last weekend, but it was too early in the season 
and most of the trees were still in bud.
So I dragged the hubs back on Saturday, so we could see all of the trees in full bloom.

Our timing on Saturday was perfect, 
5,000 pink and white Cherry Blossom trees were in full bloom.
It is the largest and most diverse collection in the world,
even greater than that of our nation's capital, Washington, D.C.

It was crowded, and there was a lot of traffic...
 but I really enjoyed the drive into the park,
as we were able to view the tree lined streets from the comfort of our car.
It was a sunny warm day, 
with temperature topping out at a high 80 degrees.
Getting pictures of the trees was nearly impossible with the masses of people,
so I focused on the individual flowers and found the pictures of them to be quite beautiful.

It was a beautiful day and I am so glad we went back.
This Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual event and well worth the trip.
If you are in the area this week, 
the blooms should last a few more days and it is a nice park for a picnic or a bike ride.
There is a really nice bike path surrounding the park and plenty of shade trees.
If you go, I promise you won't be disappointed!


  1. Hello Debbie, beautiful blossoms and trees. Cute photos of you and your hubby! You should frame the first photo. Enjoy your day! Have a great new week ahead.

  2. Just magical! How spectacular those cherry blossoms look against the blue, blue sky.

  3. Wow it sure does look like your timing was perfect, I love the close up shots because I love seeing all the beautiful details in the flowers, I love when they are in full bloom, the whole area just seems to brighten up, and wow the weather was perfect too. We think we have missed it around here, this last weekend with all the rain and high winds have taken down all the flowers around here.

  4. OMG!
    Debbie, I thought you were hanami in Japan.
    Dreamlike photos, wonderfully blooming trees.
    Hugs and greetings.

  5. Oh look at all those flowers.. we used to live just a walk away from there..

  6. Oh gosh, absolutely stunning photos and the light is just gorgeous. You and hubby look great too Debbie, and I loved that pretty pink shirt you were wearing.

  7. Stunning photos. I like the tree shots but also like the individual pictures.

  8. Wow, those are gorgeous! I'm glad you were able to go!

  9. I love seeing your happy and in love faces in two of these. The rest are spectacular photos of the flowers. You truly capture the beauty of nature. I've saved some of these; just lovely!
    Sending love and hugs!

  10. Debbie - a second helping of cherry blossoms. What could be better than that? Looks like your Easter week is off to a lovely start!

  11. What a gorgeous place, those trees are so soft, pink, fluffy looking! Love all your pictures, especially the one with the sun!!

  12. Fantastic! I'd roll myself round in those flowers...

  13. Un post lleno de primavera.Preciosas flores.
    Un abrazo.

  14. Fabulous photographs of the beautiful blossoms and trees.
    I like the last photograph of the two of you :)

    All the best Jan