Thursday, April 25, 2019

On The Way To Allaire...

One adventure, leads to another adventure, leads to another...
We left home to go and ride the bikes at Allaire,
but the beautiful horses were out and I wanted to stop and take pictures...
then I looked to the right and there was a Cattle Egret!!
According to my bird book, 
there is only a very small area in New Jersey in which Cattle Egret are present.
I have never seen one before, so I took a lot of pictures.

And since I can never pick a favorite picture to share, let me share them all...

This "peach" colored plumage represents its breeding plumage.
My bird book says it is a yellow color, 
but it looks peach to me.

Once we got past the Cattle Egret, and that wasn't easy, 
I went across the street to photograph the three beautiful horses that I adore,
and photograph all the time.

We finally made it to Historic Allaire Village...

for a fun bike ride on a perfectly beautiful day...
we have been having a lot of those!

oh...and we had a great turnout for yesterdays 
Yarn Along Post
Many thanks to everyone who took time to comment, 
I always appreciate your kind thoughts.


  1. Congratulations on your Cattle Egret, Debbie. It is a very attractive bird in breeding plumage. I expect you will be seeing more of them as they continue to colonize the northeast. They are found regularly here in Ontario, spring through fall. I am not sure when your bird book was published but I suspect it is several years old and there have been distributional changes since then. With global warming and the increased incidence of major storms the exception is likely to become the norm.

  2. Beautiful photos! The white egret with the green background makes for awesome pics! Congrats on the sighting! The horses are beautiful, too!

  3. I don't think I have ever seen a bird like that. Wow!

    Ha ha...if Farah Fawcett were a horse that's what she would look like...

  4. Hello, the Cattle Egret in breeding plumage are beautiful. Your photos are awesome. Love the beautiful horses too. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day! Have a great weekend ahead!

  5. What gorgeous horses! I showed the pics to hubby and he enjoyed them too! Very neat getting to see those Egrets! Enjoy your day and nice weather!

  6. Great opening with the cow birds. I love 'em. Do you suppose they bond with the animals that flush out their dinner? They seem so attached. I need to ask a naturalist friend of mine.

  7. Such wonderful species to photograph.

  8. Amazing pictures of the Cattle Egret. I have never seen one yet either. I know they are regularly seen about a two hour drive from my home, but I have not made the effort to go see them.

  9. Hi there Debbie and you got some great pictures of the egret!! But the horses....oh my!!---love those most! Just want to reach out and fun my fingers through those long beautiful manes! About my last post, yep, I love rusty old trucks as well and oh my goodness, Mr. Front Porch just LOVES LOVES old trucks!! Hope you are having a good Thursday my friend! P.S.--I do like your yarn posts, I always see/learn something new OR at the very least....I see SOMETHING SO PRETTY that takes time and patience to create!

  10. I think the Cattle Egret looks beautiful, as do those magnificent horses.
    Hope you are having a good Thursday, we have enjoyed a lovely sunny day in my part of the UK.

    All the best Jan

  11. Super photos of a very elegant egret and those horses, handsome steeds :)

  12. That egret was quite a catch, so to speak. The horses are gorgeous! Great photos.

  13. Oh how cool, I can just hear your excitement when you saw that egret, I haven't seen one like that so that was a great find! Great pics you captured of him, so neat!! The horses are so pretty, love their coloring!

  14. Great shots of both the EGRET and horses Debbie. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. I cannot believe the birds that show up so you can photograph them. Isn't the egret a pretty fellow. Oh those beautiful horses!! Love their long, flowing manes. It seems to me you had the perfect day, Debby. How fabulous to ride a bike and witness all that beauty on a beautiful sunny day.

  16. Wow, I loved this biking adventure. The hots of the bird are awesome and I think the color is peach too. I do love horses and these are some lovely photos of them. Thanks for sharing this fun moment. Hugs~