Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Yarn Along

I still think about Ginny and Yarn Along on Wednesday's,
even though she is no longer hosting it.
I am still knitting, I am still working on the same project,
and things are going pretty well.

I have completed 8 washcloths.

Remember, these will be Christmas Gifts...
2 washcloths, a bar of special soap and perhaps a hand cream.
The green sets will look like this.

This yarn is Seedling, Verde Collection, 100% organic cotton,
very nice to work with.

The blue sets will look like this.
The soap is handmade (not by me) with an ocean scent.
I am going to felt the soap - when I do, I will share that process with you.

When I think about knitting, I am filled with joy...
I am sure I will be knitting 
for the rest of my days.


  1. Knitting for the rest of your days, Debbie, would be the most wonderful thing. What lovely presents your washcloths are. Such pretty colours. Love the addition of those soaps.

  2. You are amazing, Debbie. I so love the beautiful colors of yarn.


  3. Hello, your washclothes are pretty. I love the colors. It is cute idea to give the set as a gift with the soap. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  4. I love your wash clothes. A brilliant holiday gift idea!!! Xoxo Andrea @ This Knitted Life

  5. These are beautiful and a great gift.

  6. It is wonderful, to have something to do, which fills your heart with Joy!!!!

    No doubt about it.

    If I could knit, I would make everything, of that cotton yarn. :-)

    Luna Crone

  7. Beautiful work! I need to get my rear in gear and get back to my cross stitch ornaments or else they will not be done. My daughter is with a guy that has 4 boys so that adds another 5 (counting him) to the mix. Great job..

  8. Wow, now that's a cool idea and you can wrap them up so cute for gifts too!

  9. You are going to have some very happy gift recipients, Debbie.
    I really love the washcloths, and the addition of the soap is truly the perfect touch.
    I am looking forward to hearing about how you felt the soap.
    Thank you for sharing, my friend, and have a wonderful day.

  10. Such a nice gift, but all my girls use those shower poufs, I have a better response with giving them dish cloths and a scrubbie.

  11. Great job, Debbie! It is wonderful to have something you enjoy as much as you enjoy knitting.

  12. Nice job. I would have liked to have learned to knot. I mean, knit!

  13. Oh Debbie, these washcloths are lovely. I really like the colors and adding the soap is awesome. I think it is a perfect gift. I am thinking of maybe trying to crochet some. I don't know how to knit; but perhaps I will learn when our mission is completed. Sending hugs your way!

  14. They look wonderful and so soft. I bought some peaches and cream yarn because that is what one of the girls in my group told me she was using, but I don't know how soft those will be for washcloths, probably better for dish cloths :( I have never heard of felting soap so I am very curious about that post :)