Friday, July 7, 2017

How Does Your Garden Grow...

I am finally ready to reveal the vegetable garden!
"We" are not having a good year...although I do believe things are looking up!
"She who plants a garden believes in tomorrow"

Here she is...not looking too shabby today!
My mixed seed garden is on the other side of the deck.
You can see some of the flowers poking through.

2 Pepper Plants

This is where I planted the slices of tomatoes.
This plant is flourishing. 
You can read about this process of planting tomatoes here.

These are Celebration Tomatoes

Container Tomatoes
This plant is way behind the others, but super healthy looking.
We call this the little plant that could "surprise us"!


and a couple of Vinca's on either side!
I don't want too many herbs, then I will have to cook!

Yellow Squash
In the ground, doing really well.
You can grow Yellow Squash in a pot, but it does better in the ground.

And here is a peak at the garden I have been talking about.
Long, but narrow - this is where I threw down a packet of out dated seeds, mixed seeds
and they took off growing.
This is where my Sweet William's were, they are spent now.
This garden expands each year...and there is always something blooming.
Right now, Black Eyed Susan's, Daisies and Purple Cone Flowers


  1. Debbie
    Beautiful is your vegetable garden.
    Plants in pots are a great idea.
    Your potrway always look appetizing to know the herbs are very needed.
    Greetings from Poland.
    Happy weekend :)

    1. Your food always looks appetizing and therefore in the kitchen the herbs are very much needed.
      Greetings from Poland.

  2. Your border looks festive and joyful.

  3. Fantastic growing you have there Debbie :)

  4. My dogs trample everything I plant. So I leave my yard to the many Florida volunteers. :)

  5. Hello, you are doing much better than I am. LOL, I only have a pot of mint growing. I like you cute herb container. Your seed garden looks beautiful too. I think you just have the green thumb. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. I still am amazed at your "seed" garden! I have one Grape tomato plant out by the shed and I probably should check it to see if I have any babies.

  7. Gorgeous!

    A lot of watering! 'Cause potted anything, needs daily watering, I read. :-)

  8. Better than mine!!!!! I had to throw my hands up in the air and let something go this summer. The garden is what went...just can't juggle it all with working. I miss having the big garden. I have a few little plants in containers, but I keep forgetting to water them!

  9. oh my God I love your garden, the container Basil is beautiful! I love it!

  10. Great garden. Your container garden is flourishing!

  11. Everything looks very healthy. Fresh veggies are on the menu for you in the near future.

  12. Your garden is looking awesome. I had one tomato plant that don't look like it will make it....let alone give me any tomatoes. Great job

  13. I think this garden looks great and the best part is no weeds!!

  14. Beautiful vegetables to be and gorgeous flowers..... love it all -- though we don't garden any longer I remember how much work -- and how much pleasure it was! (And I always like admiring other people's work!)

  15. Looks like a neat container garden to me!

  16. Your growing garden is wonderful to see and your presentation of it is lovely too! I like the edging around the deck too!

  17. All those wonderful goodies growing in such a small area - best of container growing... minimal weeding. Plus it's so pretty to the eye as well. I really love how your vegetables are thriving Debbie. Also your scatter garden - it's a winner :D)

  18. They are all looking great, I wish we had a bigger deck to put more containers on it. Love your herb garden and just had to laugh you don't want to many than you would have to cook, I feel the same way :) I love all the flowers growing along the fence that is so cool, I would be out there picking bouquets for the house :)