Friday, July 28, 2017


The hydrangea bushes have been producing the most beautiful blooms and colors this year.
Here are the ones I most recently picked, 
right before getting admitted to the hospital on Wednesday.
I have a private room, 
on the 4th floor with an awesome view.
I have a Room Service Dining menu and the food is excellent.
The nurses are all so nice to me, I'm not sure how I got this lucky.

I am going to try to blog, 
if I have the time and energy but if you don't see me, don't worry,
it just means they are keeping me busy.

Treasure every day, don't waste them, laugh, have fun...
and do what you think is impossible.
Life is a gift!!


  1. Hello Debbie, your hydrangeas are beautiful. Sending my get well wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery. Happy Friday! Wishing you a great day and weekend!

  2. I love the hydrangeas, but more importantly I love you. And, I hope you won't be
    in hospital very long. Take care the best you can, and know we are thinking of you!


  3. What a beautiful show of Hydrangeas, love the various shades. I do hope every thing go's ok for you at the Hospital and that you will soon be back home.
    All the very best, Gordon.

  4. They're lovely. I think I already told you that our one plant has been swallowed up by a weedy type of plant. Both will have to be extricated. Then maybe we'll get another hydrangea. Not sure.

    Meanwhile, all the best.

  5. Debbie, you posts are a great part of my day. They are such a beautiful reflection of you. Take care, beautiful spirit! I hope your hospital stay is short and helpful!

  6. The flowers are indeed beautiful and I love the container as well. Wishing you the best.

  7. " what you think is impossible."

    I like that!

    Lovely flowers, Debbie.

  8. when I see that word, I always think of a water plant...or something to do with water


  9. Sorry for the hospital stay, but it certainly sounds as great an environment, as can be expected, there.

    Follow "orders." Come home soon.

    Many, many, many gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  10. Marvelous Debbie !! They are with nice colors.

  11. The flowers are gorgeous. Wishing you well and trusting you are getting the help you need right now.

  12. Wow....timing is off from ours here in Nashville, mine bloomed in June. But...those are BEAUTIFUL. Mine did not produce well at all this yr so I read up on it and know what I need to do for a beautiful set of blooming bushes. Loving all the colors of yours. Nice....and of's all about the purple!!

  13. Those are beautiful! Wishing you a full and fast recovery!

  14. Live is a gift! I love you dear friend and will be praying for you to have a quick recovery. I happy you are in a good room and being treated well.
    Your flowers are so beautiful. The colors are spectacular and I love the photo.
    Sending loving thoughts, prayers and hugs your way! I will so miss your posts~

  15. Take care Debbie. I'll be thinking of you. Yes, every day you're alive is a gift.

  16. Debbie, your hydrangeas are beautiful.
    I am sorry to hear that you're in the hospital, but I'm glad that they are treating you so nice.
    Sending you prayers and hugs, my friend.

  17. Oh, do take care, lovely Debbie. I am certain you are being taken care of in the most wonderful way...AND....I am sure you are uplifting the nurses with your gorgeous personality and beautiful attitude to life. As for the Hydrangeas, well, they are breathtaking. I never tire of seeing these gorgeous blooms. Thank you for reminding me what I can look forward to in about three months time.

  18. Feel better soon Debbie and sending you a big hug and lots of positive vibes and healing energies your way :). Your hydrangeas are gorgeous!!!

  19. Dear Debbie, I wish I could send you some beautiful blooms too. Warmest wishes and big hugs being sent your way :)

    1. PS My eldest son has MS also. Lots of vitamin D and keep living for the moment as I know you do :)

  20. It is just wonderful that your flowers are continuing to give you so much pleasure!!
    I am sorry to hear you are in the hospital but I am glad they are treating you well, and hopefully you will be coming home soon!

  21. Hello Dear Debbie
    These months of July and August are been taken up with family business ... nothing terrible but it means my blog posts and visits are sporadic.

    Sorry to hear you've been in hospital ... thinking of you and sending positive vibes.

    Take Care

    My good wishes to you and the hubs

    All the best Jan