Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Summer Garden...

I have been gardening this way for so many years,
I actually can't remember when I adopted this style.
It is much easier to manage, 
less weeds, more fun and it produces plenty of fruit for the hubs and I.
I started with seeds, it was a slow go at first, 
but it is rebounding nicely and looking pretty good today!!


Slices of Tomatoes

Celebration Tomatoes


Herbs and 2 Vinca Plants

This is the Summer Squash on July 17th

here it is on July 18th.

and on the 19th...what a difference a few days makes.

I go out early every day and water,
if I forget, the hubs takes over and waters for me.

The Vinca's around the mailbox are doing very well...

and here's a peak at the birds nest.
It's just as big as it was when we took it down a few days ago,
 the sparrows have been very busy!!


  1. Gosh, all of your plants look exceptionally healthy. You must have really green fingers!
    Have a great day :)

  2. We have some tubs of flowers, and half of the boxes died out by drowning in the abundant rain this year. The other half have flourished. It's quite a puzzle.

  3. Reed and I just planted our veggie garden. TIlled up the old spot. Planted lots of pumpkins for a fall haul. Xoxo Andrea @ This Knitted Life live yornfontainers,btw

  4. I have one veggie this year--a Grape tomato plant. He is doing well too. :-)

  5. Great planter gardening, Debbie. It looks easy to manage!

  6. Taedy would love to pee on every one of those sequence

  7. Grrrreat idea!!!


    And I love your flowers, around your mail box, and house number!!!! People do a version of that, here. We don't have a road mail box though. Ours is on the front of the garage.

    All that you grow, is wonderful. Needless to say, you have a "Green Thumb." :-))))

    Luna Crone

  8. You definitely have a green thumb! Everything looks great, Debbie!!


  9. Every thing looks so pretty. You can sure grow things.
    Your flowers by the mail box look so pretty too.
    I love seeing how your garden grows.

  10. Your plants do look so healthy.
    It's so nice to be able to pick your own from home!

    All the best Jan

  11. I like your gardening style & may just have to try it!

  12. Looking very good! Can't wait to see the veggies up close! Birds nest again, huh? :-)

  13. I really like the idea of container gardening. I don't have any veggies this year, but have some strawberries in a container and they are doing well.

  14. That is great everything is taking off so well, I have picked my first green peppers and gave them to my daughter, Greg has started picking his carrots, even though some of them were quite small.

  15. Your garden's looking good this year to me.

  16. It is great idea for vegetables in flowerpots :)

  17. Those sparrows don't waste any time, do they. Love all your white pots with all that yummy produce growing within. Such a great idea. As you say it would be easier to manage and no weeks! Perfect!

  18. Wow! I remember being able to grow veggies! I have so given up and enjoy other people's fruit's of their labours!!!! (▰˘◡˘▰)

  19. Wow, these look wonderful, Debbie!
    So green and healthy.
    Mine are doing well too, and my sad tomatoes are actually showing some signs of perking up.