Monday, July 10, 2017

What I'm Crushing On...

Every so often I like to share pictures of items in my life that make me happy.
Today is an especially good day for me to do that.

My endless supply of hydrangeas for cutting...

and bringing into the house.
With 7 bushes flourishing, I have every color under the sun.

Cracker Barrels new summer desert...
graham cracker crust, melted marshmallows, a chocolate bar,
ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Summer skies filled with beautiful white puffy clouds.

My new storm door, something I have always wanted.

Blueberry and white chocolate cupcakes.

Beautiful cushions for my outside rocking chairs.

60% off at Kohl's - with an additional 30% off coupon, final price, under 10 bucks.
They say waterproof but we keep them indoors anyway, 
and bring them out with us when we want to rock.
The gray is perfect as in matches the house.

My new office chair.

When the hubs cooks dinner...
Chicken Kabobs with potatoes and onions in foils packets.

And our very own Jersey Sweet White Corn...
Very yummy!!


  1. Enjoy your happiness to the fullest. (。♥‿♥。)

  2. Schön die Bilder ein toller Bürostuhl.


  3. Your post makes me happy too, Debbie.

  4. So much beauty! You know how to bring smiles, Debbie, and I'm smiling largely right now! :)


  5. My wife wandered into my office as I was viewing that chocolaty dessert...and she loves you now.

  6. How about inviting me up next time hubs cooks for you!!!

  7. Oh those Hydrangeas!!! My poor husband! LOL. Still bemoaning why he can't grow them! Yours are simply amazing!!!

    And so are all those other things!

    He grills potato/onion in foil packs... How does he get the potato slices, a lovely brown like that????

    Gentle Monday hugs,
    Luna Crone

  8. Hello, I love your hydrangeas. They are beautiful lovely colors. The white sweet corn is the best. Great deal on your cushions. The kabob looks yummy. Cracker Barrel's dessert does look delicious. Happy Monday, Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  9. Okay! You have just broken my heart with your Hydrangeas!!! How do you get those lovely colors?
    When we plant a blue or pink one, it stays that color for a couple of years than wants to go back to white.
    Do you put Lime in the dirt around them--to keep the color, or is the secret the lovely ocean mists from the Jersey Shore?
    I didn't even look at the deserts, they don't do a think for me--love the new storm door, that no doubt I would put my knee through and break within the first week!! I prefer our fat, kerneled yellow and white sweet corn to just white. I pop one ear in the microwave, husk and all and 4 minutes, it's done and steamed to perfection.

    1. Oh and by the way? Your office chair looks like a throne!!! I love it.

  10. Those Hydrangeas are gorgeous. The ice-cream dessert makes me hungry. Great post filled with lots of happy things.

  11. Your Hydrangeas are incredible. Mine are brown sticks. I still think any kind of Hydrangeas is pretty though. Lovely pictures today. Don't you just love bargains? I love your food. Every bit.
    I hope you have a lovely day Debbie!

  12. When I worked produce, I found most people favored white corn despite yellow being more iconic

  13. Debbie, I have truly never seen so many beautiful hydrangeas in one place! They are just breathtaking. I am not sure what is going on with mine (if they will bloom). I have 5 bushes, and their green growth is fantastic, but it looks like they have no intention of blooming so so. They did not bloom last year either. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    On another note, I want everything that is edible in this post. I would like to start with the Cracker Barrel dessert. :-)

    You new office chair looks so comfy. I love the color combination too.


  14. It sounds like a perfect day with so many things to enjoy :-)

  15. I NEED a Hydrangea! That is gorgeous!

  16. You leave me wanting to comment on every single picture! Great reminder to remember the simple things that make us happy!

  17. Oh my so much goodness, love the pretty flowers and how they are continuing to bloom so lovely! Interesting desert at cracker barrel, great summer time treat :) But I will have to say the cupcake sounds even better! Big fluffy clouds give so much interest to the sky. We bought some waterproof, but they really weren't, so good thing that you bring them in. Your office chair is so pretty, bet it looks great in your room!

  18. OOOH so many wonderful things! I can see why you are sooo happy! Loving the different coloured hydrangeas.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

  19. Soooo many pretties here to make one's li'l ole heart smile with happiness! Of course the Hydrangeas make my heart sing....BUT....your new office chair.....NOW THAT IS A CHAIR! =)

  20. Oh, I can see why you love all these things. I love your flowers and especially the soft colors of blue, pink and purple. I must try to plant some next year. The Cracker Barrel dessert looks like one to try. I hope they have it here. The cupcakes look so yummy too. The clouds are beautiful. I like your new door, the rocking chair pads and your new desk chair; sweet! I always love whatever my hubby cooks. I can just taste that sweet corn. Thanks for sharing photos of the things that make you happy. Big hugs for you!

  21. I could crush on any of those. Cracker Barrel is making S'mores? Wow -- we don't have one here in Oregon, can you believe that?