Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Baby Robins...

I was working in the home office, getting a lot done...
- hehehehe, not really -
trying hard not to be distracted by all of the bird activity outside the window.
But, every now and again, I would glance over and watch the birds eating, bathing and playing.
It is nourishment for my soul.
Then, I saw them...
some young robins being fed by momma.
Something you don't see every day...out in the open, in plain view.
I grabbed the camera, quietly opened the window...
and there they were, right in front of me.
I got some great pictures to share with all of you...

Immature Robin Red Breast...

Mom - Adult Robin Red Breast

Siblings, I only saw two which is an unusual brood size.

Mom's got a good size worm here...

feeding it to the patiently waiting baby.

The markings are distinct, especially on the belly, and on the wings as well.

She fed them for an hour and there was a very distinct pattern.
The first worm she pulled, she ate, every single time.
The next worm she fed to one of the babies.

The young ones were quiet as they waited to be fed,
unlike the Blue Jay babies who squeal and squeal.

They were able to fly, short distances, but stayed close to mom.

Here she has a nice big juicy worm...on this day, there was no shortage of worms.

I will never forget this experience...
watching a mother feed and care for her youngin's.
It felt like a privilege, so natural and pure...the beginning of their journey of 
- roots and wings -
She loved those little ones and she knew instinctively how to feed them.
Isn't nature extraordinary? 


  1. It sure is Debbie! A pleasure to see your captures,... it's very endearing to see the babies being fed. Great clarity in all the images too, showing the distinct feather pattern so well. A wonderful experience, so glad you shared it with us.:)

  2. How pleasant for you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great catch. Love seeing things like that.

  4. aw Debbie, I'm so glad you got to experience seeing that lovely bit of mothering with the Robins! I adore those very rare but special moments too - yes, it just takes your breath away doesn't it.
    So interesting to read how quiet their babies are too... oh so well brought up (heh heh, not like the rowdy birdy babes I captured a while back).
    It was an extra special treat with you sharing all of those gorgeous photos too - thanks very much. I hope your week is going really well and the heat isn't too bad. We are having some mornings in the minus lately, very strange for our little south east corner. Cheers now :D)

  5. Lovely photos. I have never seen so many young birds as I am seeing this year. A surplus of rain has produced plenty of food which increases the survival rate.

  6. Wonderful post, Debbie. We can learn a great deal from our feathered friends. That mothering instinct is powerful in every species.

  7. Oh, sweet!

    Nature is extraordinary.

  8. Hello Debbie, it is cool to watch the baby birds being fed. Your robins are adorable. Fantastic photos. Have a great day and week ahead!

  9. Those are amazing captures Debbie and how honoured were you. Such a priveledge to watch and for such a long time.
    The robins are gorgeous, very different to the ones we have here in the UK though.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful images and have a fantastic week :)

  10. Ah, great shots, and indeed a cool experience.

  11. A special experience for sure...thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. Oh my, what a wonderful experience! We have many robins around here, but I've never seen their babies! Your photos are so clear and beautiful. I just keep scrolling back through them!! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Extraordinary is right! That you got to experience it all AND get photos? That is amazing!

  14. Debbie, this is a fantastic series of photos.
    Birds posing positively to your photos. Maybe you enchanted them?
    Greetings from Poland.

  15. Gorgeous photos!!!

    And mama has it right. Be sure she gets sustenance, so she will be able to continue to take care of her young.

    Even Nature knows, that the care-giver can not run themselves down, in the care of another. Or the care-giver will not continue to be there... And what good will that do anyone?

    Luna Crone

  16. So sweet! It would have been fun to watch, but to also get photos is awesome!

  17. OOH I love baby Robin, I love all bird! are beautiful! To our house, doves nested white wings, we saw how he fed his child and how he was gradually taken out of the nest to learn to fly, its great Nature.

  18. Cute pictures. That Mama must have trained her kids better than the ones that visit my raisin feeder.They get quite vocal while they wait for food.

  19. Cute entrance, Debbie, are beautiful. Wonders of photos !!

  20. It IS a great treat, isn't it?! I've been watching momma chipping sparrow & crew. I sat for 2 hours on the deck yesterday! So enjoyable, and no bugs!!!

  21. Oh so very cool, so glad you were able to get that window open without them flying off, that was a special treat indeed and you sure did get some great shots of them!! You know what I see quite a bit out here is the female and male cardinals feeding each other suet.... at first it looked like they were kissing then I would see them go grab some suet fly back over to the deck rail and feed each other :)

  22. Cuteness overload!
    They are just adorable, Debbie.

  23. Nature is just so inspirational. ! How can anyone not believe in a creator. I really loved your beautiful photos of this special event. You took some really detailed ones and the mother bird with the worm was an amazing shot. Thanks for sharing your photgraphy talent. Loved it all! Hugs~