Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Family & Love...

My great niece Adelina celebrated her 5th birthday on Friday...
 and it rained like it always does on her birthday.
The pirate water party was cancelled...
and an hour later we were all at Dean'na and Anthony's house to celebrate anyway.
If you are going to have a party, my niece's house is the place to be.
Warm, welcoming and fun, 
they can host a party in an hour's notice.
There was a ton of food, I'm not sure where it all came from...
but trust me, no one left hungry!!

These are cupcakes, in the shape of a 5,
iced together so it looks like a cake.

This is the best picture I took of Addie,
she got make-up for her birthday - enough said!

And this is little "red" - my sweet Lorelei, her personality matches her face perfectly!

Chuck's dad was visiting from Florida this past weekend.
In addition to this party, we had a baby shower for my nephew's wife on Saturday.
At a waterfront restaurant in Bay Head, 
it was elegant, like a wedding.


  1. A cheerful good morning to you, sweet Debbie! Ah, what a delight to pop in for a visit. I trust you are having a beautiful summer :)

    Your photos are just precious! Those smiles....too sweet!

    Hugs to you!

  2. Hello Debbie,
    What cute girls. I bet you had so much fun. I am glad you took pictures. I hope you have a lovely day.

  3. What a great idea, for a Cupcake Cake!!!!! Precious!!! I know, cupcakes are becoming "in" for kid's birthdays, and it makes sense. :-)

    Such cuties! Makeup! Oh wow!!!!!! -grinnnnnn-

    Sorry about the rain, but I'm sure Mom is all prepared, since you said, it happens every year. :-))))

    Luna Crone

  4. Awe what a sweet post! Rain is okay, it makes puddles and with that super looking (toy packed) cupcake cake who cares about rain! Enjoy all the celebrations!

  5. You had a wonderful family weekend by the sound of it!

  6. Hello, they care both adorable girls. Happy 5th Birthday to Addie! Sorry about the rain! Enjoy your day!

  7. COOL....HaPpY bIrThDaY to her! Nice cake.

  8. What a great family & such a sweet birthday girl!

  9. Those little ones are just precious, Debbie, and that cake!!
    What a unique and wonderful idea.

  10. Those two little girls are so adorable! I know you love them to pieces, and I love seeing their photos.

    Wow, you guys stayed busy this past weekend! I didn't know Chuck's dad lives in FL. :)


  11. The birthday girl and those expressive dark eyes--so beautiful. As for Little Red? I am loving the Angel Kisses (freckles) on her face. My Pammie had/has freckles. They just make a little kid so much cuter and a bit more devilish looking. LOL

  12. What an amazing cake/cakes. Addie's house sounds like the best fun. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

  13. What a cake! And was that Lil Orphan Annie that I saw? :)

  14. Lovely ! Oh, I wish we could see pictures of the baby shower, too :>

  15. Looks like a fun party.Both girls are adorable.

  16. Felicidades y un beso 💋 para Adelina.

  17. How I love the purple coneflowers with a bee hovering nearby. And those adorable little girls...:)

  18. What a great family weekend! I always wished I could be the kind of person your nephew and niece (?) are -- able to throw a party at a moment's notice.

  19. Wow, that is such a fun weekend. I love the photos of those two precious grand nieces of yours. They a just so adorable. I have a red haired granddaughter and she is a personality plus. I can see that in this cute little one. The birthday girl is beautiful. The cake was very creative. It sounds like such a fun party.
    It sounds like the baby shower was lovely too. This was a fun one! Blessings and hugs!

  20. Lovely to see these pictures, such happy smiling faces ...

    All the best Jan