Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Not So Random Heart

I am not a huge shopper, I do most of my shopping online!
I do enjoy the occasional trip to The Christmas Tree Store,
and it's often a covert operation getting the hubs to go.
Last night we were out and about,
early dinner, the usual errands,
and as we headed toward home,
Chuck started the discussion as to which route
we would be taking home.
There are several different options,
based on traffic, lights and actual distance but I jumped right on board...
saying Rt. 70 would be quickest because,
you guessed it, The Christmas Tree Store is on Rt 70.
He falls for that, he always falls for that,
and the next thing he knows, he's in The Christmas Tree Store.
After 2, o.k. 3 completely unnecessary purchases,
we headed slowly to the checkout, when I spotted this...

I knew it had to be mine.

Four dollars, ninety-nine cents,
that works and it jumped right in to the shopping cart.
My pace increased as I neared the register.
The cash register area is the designated "food" area, the hubs favorite,
so now I need to be patient...great!
I don't pay too much attention as I check out but
when she announces the total,
I know I have spent less then I should have, the hubs pays,
he always pays and we head to the car.

Turns out, they charged me $ 1.25 for that baby
and I could not be more excited.
It sparkles, it has snow and my birds are going to LOVE it!!
Talk about a bargain, I just about wet my pants!

ps., the two .50 cent pecan delight purchases belong to the hubs,
one he ate there, one he brought home.
He always throws the empty wrapper on the checkout counter,
then he announces to the girl that I ate it.
This time he was still chewing!!

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  1. gotta love an unexpected bargain!

    i'm not big on pecans, but i recently splurged on a box of hazelnut turtles. dang! yummy!

  2. The bird house is so cute. You got a really good bargain there.

  3. Love the wrapper story that is so funny.
    Love the little house it is perfect and really a good bargain. B

  4. No way in the world to resist that!!

  5. Don't you know that we'll now be waiting for pics with little birdies happily perched there - at least I will!

  6. A great bargain made even better. Love it.

    And Chuck is too funny -- that rascal!

  7. Debbie, the house is beautiful.
    And the price? Bonus!

  8. That was a great bargain - I love those unexpected times when the item is actually less than I thought! It's soooo cute!

    I love the adventures of Debbie & Chuck! :)


  9. Hi Debbie...Aw one of my favorite stores...I can walk out of there with nothing though Haha!!
    It is a fun place to waste time : )
    Such a deal on the "sweetie ♥ tweetie house"
    I usually don't see to many men there, especially leaving
    wrappers!! : )

  10. You crack me up! And I love the birdhouse.

  11. Oh I am lovin' it....both the birdhouse bargain and the pecan delight story. I'm sure he isn't fooling anyone. Hugs!

  12. Now that's a good deal.You should have bought two. :)

  13. That's definitely a heart to keep!!! Look forward to the snapshots of your lovely visitors :)

  14. ooh you sneaky rascal... not the old "I'll find you the quickest way home" trick - again !! Dear Chuck, he's such a sport ;D)

    That bird house definitely had your name on it Debbie - indeed, who could resist it... and a bargain to boot!

  15. Oh what a charming bird house! I hope the birds are able to enjoy it this spring. It's a beautiful find and so reasonably priced ;)

  16. Debbie, you are just too much! LOL! Your hubby would probably just take you to the Christmas Tree Store anytime you wanted to go. I love the cute bird house with the heart and you can not beat that price. Gee, they were practically giving it away at that price. My hubby would be buying the candy too. Have a great evening!

  17. So cute and what a deal!! And you want ME to believe they are just for HIM??:))

  18. Ptaszkom się domek z pewnością spodoba, a Ty zapłaciłaś dobrą cenę. Pozdrawiam.
    To house the birds will love, and you you paid a good price. Yours.

  19. A GREAT bird house and a great deal! Who could ask for anything more? Well, truth me told...I would of loved those pecans turtles too! :)

  20. And I thought it was a steal at $4.99!!!

  21. that is too cute!! you hubby sounds like a real jokester. too funny!!

    what a great find. i love when you get the register & it's cheaper than you thought. so wonderful. ( :

  22. What a great little birdhouse at an even better price.

  23. Love Chuck's wrapper story! Love the bird house too. What a bargain.

  24. Wow, your lucky day, except for the part about getting blamed for eating the candy right on the spot. Can't wait to see the birdhouse in your yard!!!

  25. It's always nice when your total is less than expected! Such a great buy on such a cute little item :)

  26. What a sweet little birdhouse. don't you just love a surprise bargain!!

  27. I would have bought that darling birdhouse too! Fun!!!!

  28. it's the little things that can really bring cheer, huh?

  29. I loved the little story of this adventure. The bird house is adorable and I am sure the birds will enjoy it.