Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm in Love with Gingerbread

First things first,
I love Apple Store Kevin, really, I do!
The prior thoughts I had about Kevin are downright shame full!

Now, let's get down to the good stuff, pictures.

I hope you did not miss yesterday's entry about the most beautiful
Peddlers Village, in Pa.!
If you did, you can read all about it here!
And follow this link if you want to read more about this wonderful shopping village!

They sponsor a Gingerbread House Contest each year,
The entries are displayed in their gazebo,
which they are kind enough to enclose,
so you can spend lots of time oohing and aahing over the entries.
The scent inside the gazebo, is heavenly!

Here are my favorites, in no particular order!!

There were so many entries, all made by kids, all so creative.
I wish I could have shown you all of them!
We come here every year at Christmas time, it never gets old.
I keep a list of "not to miss places at Christmas"
just so we don't forget our favorites!
I actually enjoyed this better after Christmas,
I would have felt rushed had we tried to fit it in before!
Plus the place is usually packed!
One great big thank you to the hubs,
for that gentle push you gave me to go,
in my heart, I am a homebody!
Do you guys need a push, to get you goin?
Prefer quiet time at home?
Or do you embrace frequent, little day trips?


  1. wow, some one is talented. i can not imagine the time, stress & fun that it takes to get one looking so good. i love the "toy emporium" & those toy soldiers ... so cool. i've always wanted to make one ...but afterwards to you keep it for so long & then eat it or what? can not imagine they store well?!! ha. ha!! ( :

    after hearing about all the flu going around ... it is kind of scary to go place. guess you have to bring your hand wipes & face mask.

  2. Those are so beautiful! It would be hard to pick a favorite!

  3. I love the very first log cabin and the brick toy emporium! Also, wondering if the wobbly bank is any kind of political statement??!! Ha! You know, I'm a homebody...but am almost always glad when I push myself (or get pushed) out the door for an adventure!

  4. They are just delightful! Made by kids? Those kids are talented!

    I'm a homebody, but not by choice. I'm learning to be more content at home.

  5. these made me smile. loved the log cabin, the candy land and the gazebo, too. :)

    i'm a hermit at heart. if it weren't for groceries, i'd rarely leave run*a*round. :)

  6. They are wonderful!!! Lately I've been a homebody...and when I looked outside... it really makes me a homebody!!:))

  7. I am always amazed at what people create with gingerbread. And these were made by children! I don't have a favorite. They are all great.
    The older I get the more of a homebody I have become.

  8. These are absolutely amazing!!!!

    It depends on the day and my mood as to where I want to be. I am moody like that;)

  9. Love the rocking horse, but they are all so creative.

    I'm definitely a homebody.

  10. They are all so pretty! Very talented creative kids.

  11. These were made by kids? No way! They are beautiful.
    I'm a homebody by nature, but sometimes I just have to get out and go somewhere. Hubby is worse than I am and I'm the one who has to push him to go.

  12. Wow, those are impressive houses!

    I definitely need a push to go anywhere.

  13. Debbie, these are wonderful, and I am SO glad you are up and running again.

    We have a gingerbread house contest here each year too, and I am so in awe of the talent. Each year, I tell myself that I am going to try to make one, but...


  14. They are awesome. The first one reminds me of my dad's farm house where he grew up. I suppose it would be my grandparents home. But they were gone before I was born, so I never associate the homestead with them.

  15. These were all wonderful! But my favorite is the first photo, it looks like a logcabin gingerbread house!

  16. Kids? KIDS? KIDS made all of these? WOW! They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them.

  17. Debbie, nice to see all is still well with your blogging. The gingerbread houses are all just amazing. These children must be very talented. As to your question, I like to be a homebody. Especially after working 5days a week. I do enjoy my weekends out and about. I wish you a happy weekend!

  18. WOW! Those are pretty good! Some of those are downright professional looking!

  19. WOW!!! a lot of work has gone into making these. Some are so elaborate.

  20. Love the first one and the rocking horse, but they're all great!
    Happy for you to have gotten your blog/computer issues resolved: YAY, Kevin!
    Hubby is more adventurous than I am, although I do love to go. He's the one who says: "Pack your bags, we're going to Vermont" (in the middle of a winter storm warning....) What special guys we have!

  21. You should know by now, I'm a hermit. It takes a stick of dynamite to get me away from home sometimes. :)

  22. What a fun exhibit to be able to view. So creative. I think my favorite is the Rocking Horse.

  23. Debbie, as you may know, we both enjoy short day trips and then the even longer road trips. These gingerbread houses look wonderful, good enough to eat, but why? And though we are natives of NJ, I don't believe we ever visited Peddlers Village

  24. I was going to say that my DD and her cousins tried to make a gingerbread yurt one year, and - isn't there one in your post!!!! I must send her the link!!