Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Girls Are Back In Town!!

Do you know that moment??
When you are holding your camera in hand,
in hopes of capturing that perfect image.
For me, the challange of a "perfect" image is a bird.
I stand at the home office window, waiting...
for the opportunity to capture this...
Gorgeous Female Cardinal
She landed as I was standing at the window,
on the perfect branch for a picture...not one twig was blocking her.
And she was this close.
I thought "this can't be happening, I'm right here and I am ready".
As I pressed the shutter, the pictures seemed amazing.
Would they be this beautiful when I plugged in the camera?
Would the orange be so vibrant,
would the images reveal the detail I was seeing.
I was so sure she knew I was there and she did not fly off.
I took twenty two pictures, over about one minute.
She looked right at me before she left the tree,
had a bite to eat and flew off.
I think these are the best images I have ever taken.
My best friend Mr. Nikon makes taking these pictures, a breeze!
And many thanks to Mrs. Cardinal, you made my day!


  1. Mrs. C. is looking good, and wants the wolrd to know it!!! I hope Mr. C. was paying as much attention as you were!!!

  2. These images are amazing...and it does look like she was posing in all her glory just for you.....
    What a moment....

  3. Perfect moments are so....Perfect.

  4. I DO know that moment - and that feeling of 'are these going to look like this once that little card is OUT of the camera'!!! They're all great shots for different reasons - frame worthy to say the least! And - gimme these winter reds any day!!

  5. I have one question do you really get anything done in that "office" with incredible views and photo ops like this? Time consuming and so worth it. Hugs B

  6. So glad you were there at the right moment. The photos are amazing!

  7. i love that last one! perfect little head tilt! gotta love a lady who can make sporting chin whiskers look pretty!

  8. Debbie,
    lovely bird, great pictures.
    I send greetings.

  9. Give yourself a pat on the back.These are stunning pictures.

  10. Very nice too. Just like out of a birding magazine. It is always so thrilling to know you got that shot.

  11. Zdjęcia są śliczne i cieszę się, że jesteś z nich bardzo zadowolona. Pozdrawiam.
    The photos are beautiful and I am glad that you are very happy with them. Yours.

  12. There are days when they do seem to be deliberately posing. Wonderful shots.

  13. These really are fantastic photos. And what a beautiful bird.

  14. Fantastic shots, Debbie! Great catch light and the perch is awesome! These are beautiful!

  15. Debbie, your girls are looking good! Beautiful captures!

  16. Fabulous shots. Wow lucky you to be able to get so close and get such wonderful shots. She's a very pretty bird.

  17. I love looking at your bird shots...because I never shoot birds (shoot in the ANY sense of the word, lol). Lovely.

  18. That's through the glass??? Wow! Not only are those great photos, but you have some clean windows too. :P

  19. Pretty lady...she looks good in brown!:-)

  20. Wow, those pictures are outstanding. I alway enjoy your pictures of nature; thanks for sharing them. Just seeing a beautiful bird like that makes me wish even more for spring to come.

  21. I'd say you got the perfect pictures here Debbie. Just gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

  22. Yes, Debbie, I DO know how you feel as I too wait by the kitchen window watching the visitors at our feeders.