Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ta ~ Da...

Christmas 2012
Has anyone noticed that I have not shared my Christmas pictures yet?
Since we are so far past Christmas I will share just a few.
Our Tiny Tree
Our Pretty Presents
The Table
Everything has to be just right!
I used my special china.
This is Mike's Spot!
Please don't miss the cute little place card on the left,
with the cute little place card holder.
You can read all the details about those place card
holders here, none of you have read that!
My "spot"!
The Feast!
This roast that Alisa prepared was amazing!
it was all so delicious!
And not one picture of us, shame on me!

Here we are in 2011, in our Griswold Shirts!
But there was no Alisa last year.
I bought her this shirt, this year and next years picture will be awesome!


  1. It all looks so beautiful. The wrapped presents look straight out of a magazine!

  2. The place card is so cute! That roast beef looks delicious! Everything is so pretty!

  3. Everything is so pretty! You are quite the wrapper!

  4. Your posts always make me smile.

  5. You set a lovely table and everything looks delish! Love your shirts, I have the Griswold "Moose mugs" for drinking eggnog! Gald to see your pictures here!

  6. Everything looks great! Love the little stocking to hold the silverware, and your beautifully wrapped gifts! I hope your blogger woes are in the past - I swear I freak out when there's the littlest glitch in things...so a big glitch would make me loose sleep. It's such a double edged sword - I love being able to use all this technology...but I understand NONE of it...so when it goes I am totally at the mercy of forces outside of my wheel house! I'm grateful your figuring it out, cause I couldn't imagine my world without 'it's all about purple'!!!

  7. It all looks wonderful, Debbie. Love the cute placecardsa and the stocking holding the silverware.

  8. Very very pretty, so this means your blog is fixed? I hope so.

  9. Great setting! Christmas seemed like it went by so fast. I hope your blog issue is resolved finally.

  10. What a perfectionist you are!! Beautiful!!

  11. Lovely pictures. The table looks exquisite.

  12. What a lovely Christmas! And such cute T-shirts! :-)

  13. Your table settings are lovely. The packages were beautifully wrapped.

  14. Yeah !!!! so worth the wait ta da:) B

  15. Oh you have photos posted!!! Yea! Everything looks lovely!

  16. You all are too funny!

    Beautiful decorations and table.

    Looks like you had a fabulous holiday.

  17. I was so happy to see your title Ta-Da! YEA!!!Finally some photos, I did not realize you were so far behind. Love your Christmas photos, the name tags are cute. And the dessert looks yummy. I hope all is ok now, have a great evening.

  18. Glad you are finally able to load some photos. I noticed the place card and enlarged the picture even before you said to notice it. Cute! I like the stocking silverware holder too. Looks like you had a delicious meal.

  19. Beautiful, a table set with love and care. That's what makes it so special.

  20. ¸.•°♡♡⊱彡

    Passei para uma visitinha.

    Beijinhos do Brasil.
    º° ✿✿·. D░I░A░ !

  21. I loved the pictures of your Christmas. It looked like a great party. The tree was so cute and the wrapped presents were beautiful.
    I need to do a post on our Christmas; it was pretty eventful.

  22. LOVE the shirts!! I want one!! Hahaha!

    The place looks lovely...and I'm glad you are back in action again on the blog. Hooray!