Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Backyard's A Buzzin'

I get a lot of yard birds here, year round.
We, the hubs keeps the feeders full and we always provide fresh water.
When it gets really cold, or I have time to take pictures,
I put out peanuts and the activity doubles!

Male Cardinal, so easy to love!!

Male Downey, this guy is always here!

Male House Sparrow

White Throated Sparrow

Male House Finch vs Red Poll, let me know what you think!
He is tiny, puffy and
there is a lot of red and white under his wings when he flies!

All these pictures were taken from my home office window.
How the heck do I get any work done!!

And I kept seeing this Hawk flying around the yard.
I could see and "feel" his presence.
The hubs and I flew outside when I finally saw him perched in the tree.

He took off pretty quickly and although I had all my camera setting set
for flight, my flight shot is blurry!!

Darn it!! When this guy flies, you can really "feel" his presense!!

So do I get much work done??
Define work??


  1. Debbie, I would not be able to work. I would be looking out the window all day. Love your birds and the hawk is awesome. Great photos.. Have a happy day!

  2. Love the cardinal pic. That's perfect with the background!

  3. Well, you are retired! How much work are you actually doing? I would be spendoing all my time at the window, too!

  4. House finch is my guess!! About the hawk. We had one hanging around, and one day it did a bomber attack at the birds in the feeders. Scared the bejeezus out of us. We thought he was coming through the window!! Love all your bird photos, I do miss seeing my birds at home. I have a skittish hummingbird here!!

  5. HI Debbie...House finch is what your have ...look at my header, that's a Redpoll!
    Those Cardinals sure do stick out don't they ..who could them!!
    I don't work,but spend a lot of time at the window ; )!!
    Right now the back yard has about 14 Wild Turkeys, not pleasant stepping in there poop lol!
    Glad I don't or at least haven't seen a Hawk around, but would like a chance for a shot!!
    Great shooting through the
    window ; )

  6. really great pics. i love the sparrow. glad you are keeping the birdies happy, healthy & looking so pretty. ( :

  7. I love all the birds you have in your yard! Great photos. I would never get any work done if I had all those. All I get are the sparrows.

  8. The ONLY reason I'm disappointed in the lack of far this the fact that male cardinals looks so darn striking amidst the white backdrop.

  9. house finch, definitely.

    you've got a lot of fine male visitors hovering around you. :)

  10. Great photos, Debbie! We have all of these except the hawk. :-) Apparently, I'm the only one who rarely sees them. I'm thinking House Finch, too. We don't have Redpolls.

  11. Beautiful birds!! Love the cardinal.

  12. Debbie!
    Lovely birds. Stunning photos!
    I send greetings.

  13. Wow, great pictures Debbie, now get some work done!!

  14. I love through the window shots! I thought I had a redpoll the other day, but it's a house finch like yours. I was still happy to see it.

  15. I love the bird shots. They are beautiful!

  16. Just beautiful Debbie, I agree I am just plain ole mesmerized my that cardinal. I would love anything to have those in my yard.
    Not really wild about the hawk though. I can always feel the one that visits here before I see him too. I am glad you do too because I never heard anyone say that before. Same with owls at night.

  17. Wow! I just put my feeder out yesterday, and I've had a few visitors, but not as many as you. I also can't seem to get any good photos of them.

  18. Lots of activity at your house,that's for sure. Yes,that is a male House Finch.The Cardinal is always a treat for me,as we don't have them around here,at least only now and then.

  19. This just amazes me!! And brings me much joy! I'm hoping you'll get that red cardinal on a snowy branch some time this winter!!

  20. Some great shots of our feathered friends :)

  21. What a great variety of birds. We rarely see cardinals this far north.