Monday, January 7, 2013

Being Persistant

I tell myself to relax, the problem will be fixed soon.
You know, this uploading picture glitch we have been experiencing.
I did some "projects" around the house yesterday,
they were of the cleaning/organizing nature, they weren't fun!
Out for dinner, rented a movie, The Good Doctor, it was horrible.
Don't waste the dollar.
But in between all those things, I was playing and playing,
trying and trying.
Sneaking time in at the computer, seeing if I could
find a way around this! 
I did, but only with the help of my incredible blogging friends.
When composing an entry, switching from compose to HTML
does allow you to upload pictures.
If you upload one, your fine.
If your like me and try to upload "many", you'll have a mess.
Your pictures are all over the place and there is no way,
I could find, to put spaces between them.
When you are in HTML, your pictures are not pictures,
they are !@#$%^&*()+=+)(*&^
something similar to that.
But, alas, when you switch back to compose,
you have pictures! 
I also worked on the iPad, using all the knowledge
I had gained from dear Kevin. Some of that actually paid off.
I remembered how to start a post and add pictures...
(I took notes)
and believe it or not, I was able to save it.
Then switching to the p.c., I was able to edit it.
When I previewed it, I think we may have something!!
New problem,
when I plug my camera in to my computer,
the pictures don't just download, like they use to.
Nothing happens?? Nothing!!
Could that be because I downloaded Picasa on to my computer?

My good friend Theresa at The Run*A*Round Ranch
says I am under a "technology cloud"...
I think she's right! 


  1. Here's what I do -- and it doesn't involve html! Keep your Picassa account, and plug in your camera. On the Picassa, hit upload, on the drop-down menu, hit removable drive, and let your pictures tiptoe from camera to computer. THEN check the ones you want for your post and hit 'export.' The box will ask you for a title (I make folders and keep adding to them.) After you type up your post, hit the icon for pictures, hit choose files, and click on the photos you want. If they seem to be out of order, you can always cut and paste.
    This works for me and I'm certainly no techie!

  2. Oh my goodness, Debbie. Blogger/computer problems can be such a hassle. I truly hope you can find the solution to all the issues. I have not written a post recently, so I was not aware of the problems. My fingers are crossed that you will be putting up your marvelous posts and photographs soon!

  3. Debbie does this comment shoe up from my phone?

  4. What the heck??? I hope it just starts working for you soon.
    I had to write a post to see if they had done anything to mine. It does do a few things sometimes but remember when I would post a blog well of course you didn't because I would post and nothing would happen.
    I could see my post but no one else could. So it looked like I went awol.
    They fixed it but it did take awhile. I hope someone gets back to you. Soon.

  5. you made me laugh, dear one. glad i had already finished my coffee or i would have spewed it. :)

  6. Oh, Debbie!
    In fact, the lack of uploading photos is a big problem.
    I hope that will change soon.

  7. Can you use Windows Live Writer for your posts? It is the easiest thing that I have tried, easy to insert pictures, etc.

  8. Awww Debbie, sorry you are having so much trouble. I solved my uploading problem by uploading to Picasa, then to Blogger. I didn't have to DL Picasa to my computer, it's already included with Blogger. Anyway...I hope the issues are solved soon for you.

  9. Hi Debbie, have been reading your previous posts and now this.
    It's awful the trouble you've been having and very frustrating indeed.

    I had a little chuckle at your encounter with Kevin! and, yes, it's so hard to keep up with their techno-babble isn't it.

    Good luck! :D)xx

  10. Głowa Ci pęknie od tych kombinacji :))). Przed chwilą przeczytałam na jednym blogu, że Blogger radzi zmienić przeglądarkę , na przykład na Google Chrome, lub Firefox w przypadku problemów ze zdjęciami.Pozdrawiam.
    Like the head breaks these combinations :))). A moment ago I read on one blog that Blogger advises to change browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox if you have problems with your photos. Yours.

  11. Computers are great when they work like you want them to, but when they don't...I don't know of anything more frustrating!My a Mac! iPhoto makes things much easier!! :-)

  12. Wow, Debbie! I am so sorry you are still having problems with blogger. I hope you get it solved soon.. Keep calm and take some deep breaths .

  13. Oh this technology just boggles the mind!

  14. Oh Theresa is always right:) Hugs Good luck Hug. B

  15. Oh I so wish I could help you! I'm not a techie! Bonnie

  16. Wasn't life easier without all this technology in some ways?:)

  17. see ya, see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!! Just kidding, I would have everything thrown in the junk pile by now. You are a patient woman!!! Carry on, my dear!!!

  18. Thankfully I have not had any problems Mom mentioned having issues though. I better knock on wood! :-)

    Hope you had a very blessed Christmas and that the new year brings much better things than these blogger glitches coming your way!

  19. OMG I have so been there. My problem is that I learn by trial and error how to do something and if I wait too long, I can't remember how to do it again. I do think I am technology challenged. I did learn something from your experience today.