Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ICE, ICE, Baby...

We're going back,
we have to go back...there is just too much you have not seen!

Shrek the Halls December 18, 2012
Washington, D.C.
who doesn't remember this??
Here's the Link
Best day EVER!!

Here's a few of the images I never got to share...

Chuck had to pick Shrek's nose,

therefore, in true wife spirit, I had to pick also!

Hey, I'm fun too!!

They have a slide,

I went twice...
and had way more fun then the little one next to me!

The hubs went also, only once, he's a great sport!
Me, Shrek and Fiona
For sure, without a doubt, one of the best trips we take each year!! 


  1. Myślę, że dobrze się bawiliście w tym zabawnym miejscu. Pozdrawiam.
    I think it a lot of fun in this amazing place. Yours.

  2. Cool, It's good to let your inner child out to play!

  3. you are so cute. your glee is infectious. :)

  4. It looks like such fun. I love the pictures today.

  5. That pic of you on the slide MADE MY DAY! So fun!

  6. Oh I am so jealous I want to go on the slide. WHEEEEEE! Hugs B

  7. That looks like so MUCH fun! I love that second shot of you on the slide. So happy and free!

  8. Debbie, it does look like you and your hubby had a great time. I think you needed to be a little taller to pick Shrek's nose. Loved the photos!

  9. Yes, we can see the joy you are expressing! So fun!

  10. I love the shot with you and the little girl on the slide. You two, with your matching blue coats....Hilarious!

  11. That place really brings out the true kid in you. I enjoyed the photos, and even laughed out loud at you with your finger in Shrieks nose!!

  12. The photos are all so good and your feet are warm. :-)

  13. LOL! These are fun pictures! Just like little kids!

  14. you just brought a smile to my face that will be pasted here for the rest of the day...seeing you having a grand time with Fiona and Shrek, two characters that make me believe in the power of true love is inspiring beyond description...gee made me miss the hubby tonight :)

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  16. You two are amazing....I don't think I would have done that slide! I love seeing the love and fun that you two share!

  17. The slide does look like fun!! I love all the colours!

  18. OMG what a cute post I loved pictures and the adventure. I blue coats are awesome and that color of blue is my very favorite. The slides looked fun. I am smiling on this on.
    Blessings to you both!

  19. thank you for sharing with us - so cute!! i really love how you look so much more happier than that little one. so great!! still laughing. ( :