Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blogger Saddness

I am having issues with blogger.
I am unable to add any images to my entries.
I have learned in the last few day's that what I want to share here most,
are my pictures.
I probably have 1000 stories inside me, but my stories are best,
 when shared with visuals.
I have struggled for hours and hours,
between my P.C. and my iPad.
Yesterday's entry took all day to compose,
I am not that committed.
I visited the Apple Store and met with tween Kevin,
he did try to help.
His mouth was moving but I couldn't really grasp what he was saying.
He seemed awfully young and after about 2 hours,
we determined a few things that could really have been
cleared in the first 5 minutes.
Blogger is the biggest part of the problem,
and you can't really blog from an iPad.
The 2 hours with Kevin would have, perhaps, been more enjoyable
had he been cute...or maybe not so smart.
It was slightly irritating, the way he bounced around my iPad.
The ole' here, here, here, thing.
Do this, this and this, when I'm still on the first this.
I felt like I was trapped in a Si-Fi Movie.
Long story, even longer...I don't know what my future will be here.
I have sent many messages to Blogger,
fingers crossed.

p.s., I have paid extra for storage.
When I compose an entry and click to add a picture,
the word Upload appears but the Browsing box does not.


  1. don't be discouraged. it's definitely affecting others, too. i've seen at least 3 more bloggers post of the same issue. :(

    i liked your 'tween' story, though. made me laugh. and realize how old i am. :)

  2. I think the answer seems to be that you need to resize your images, as there is a limit to the amount of storage space you have on google. It has certainly worked for other bloggers, in UK anyway. Hope this helps xx

  3. I have the same problem, unable to upload my images from my computer.
    I had to upload them to Picasa before I can make a post using my images.

  4. Hi Debbie, I'v had this problem and it was a real pain in th butt. I eventually had to start resizing all my pictures in picasa to reduce the memory I had used. It did work but was very time consuming. My used memory was 99.7% and I got that down to 19% - so it does work.
    Hope you manage to get it sorted quickly. Please don't stop blogging I would miss you!!!

  5. Oh that is so sad, I hope that you find out how to fix your problems with blogger. I have a bunch of people that live here that to the here, and here, and here and I never can follow either.
    At least mine are cute. :)
    Does Blogger want you to buy space? I had to and I haven't had any problems since.
    It still makes me mad once a month when I get the little notice but it has helped to not have as many headaches with blogger.
    I hope you get it figured out.

  6. Dear Debbie!
    Thank you very much for your help and support.
    Your words have been a blessing to me!
    You are a true Friend.
    Your posts always make me delight. They are very interesting and beautiful.
    Published images always watch in awe.
    Kisses Lucia

  7. Możesz zrobić jak pisze Ellie. Zdjęcia trzeba usunąć z albumu Picassa, a tym samym z postu. Zmniejszyć je do wielkości maksymalnie 800x600 pikseli i ponownie wprowadzić do postów, a tym samym albumu Picassa. Czytałam też, że umieszczenie bloga w Google+, daje dodatkowy limit. Działaj i dalej bądź z nami. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.
    You can do as Ellie says. Photos need to be removed from an album by Picasso, and thus the subject. Reduce it to the maximum size of 800x600 pixels and re-enter to the posts, and thus Picasso album. Also I read that the Google+ placement in the blog, giving an allowance. Act and then be with us. Yours sincerely.

  8. It's a blogger issue right now! I haven't been able to upload images the past 2 days either. But I found a solution! I switched browsers and once I went from IE to Firefox I was able to see the box to click to upload pics again! Have you tried that?

  9. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hate kids like that, but we need 'em, and they know it. Good luck getting everything back to normal!!!

  10. That is EXACTLY what is happening to me!

  11. I am having the same problem. You have to upload to your Picasa Web album.
    Open your blog and go to make a new post. Then, keeping that open, open a new tab or window in your browser. Put this address in the address bar of the new tab
    That will take you to your Picasa album and you will see all the photos you have ever uploaded. Now you can upload your photos here.

    Then, close the Picasa album window, go back to the post you're doing on blogger and choose the upload option "From Picasa Web Albums" that you will see on the left hand side of the page under "Upload". Your new photos will appear there.

    You can also get to your Picasa Web Album by going to
    Type in your blogger email and password and this will open your album.

    Hoope this makes sense! It works.

  12. I've had a few problems too. Blogger probably just having some tech problems and they will clear it up. How's that for positive thinking? :)))

  13. Hi Debbie...Aw just give it a kick like "The Fonz" would have done Please don't tell me don't remember Fonzie I will feel really old is bad enough today the way these "young whipper snappers" can twist your brain with this foreign mumble-jumble
    techie stuff that leaves with your mouth hanging open!! ; )
    It looks like your not better have a plan because what would it be like on blogger without you!!

  14. Oh I am so sorry you are going through this I had problems last year when I used Internet Explorer since I now use exclusively Chrome I have not.
    I received a Google Nexxus tablet for Christmas hoping I can blog now I am wondering myself.
    I have been in the stores where the youngin's talk and DO so fast I am fascinated by them but WOW it is intimidating.
    Good luck you have a lot of good advice here. Hug B

  15. Debbie, I haven't had these issues (knock on wood), but have read others who are having problems. It makes me think blogger is updating something. I can't compose on the iPad's small keyboard. Good luck dear friend! Bonnie

  16. Hi again,
    I'm glad to see Karen explained how to use the Picasa.
    It's the same I did.

  17. I am sad for you...but I so enjoyed you post... I know exactly how you must of felt and feel... but it still gave me a chuckle...good luck!!:)

  18. I'm sorry you are having trouble Debbie. I hope you get it figured out soon. I always resize my photos and upload them to Picasa Then when you go to upload the pictures in your post, click on the Picasa Web Albums and choose the photo you want to upload.
    This is pretty much what Karen has said that she does. I hope it works for you.

  19. Sorry...I know it is frustrating!

  20. I'm so sorry! :( Keep trying.

  21. Hi Debbie. I have not been able to upload pictures either . They say I have to buy more storage which I feel is a rip off on their behalf. I am still debating paying them or just stop blogging all together. Hoep you could resolve your problem. I would hate to see you go and ot be able to enjoy your wonderful daily posts and your beautiful pictures. Ana

  22. I'm sure it will sort itself out... If not you could always switch over to WordPress :)
    Your post was good, even without pictures...

  23. Hi Debbie, I had to laugh about your Apple store experience. I am still playing around with my ipad. I am sorry you are having trouble with Blogger. I use Firefox and always resize my photos, knock on wood I have not had any problems. I also pay a year fee for Picasa which is part of google. I hope you are able to solve your blogger problems, I really enjoy your photos. Have a happy day!

  24. Hi Debbie,
    I know how frustrating Blogger can be. That's one of the reasons I closed my Life On Our Mountain blog.
    I haven't been able to load images easily on my new Blog either but I found a fix...when you are composing your post, switch over to the html tab to upload your photo. Try it, it worked fir me.

  25. *for (sorry, I'm typing from my Kindle - fingers are too big for the keyboard.)

  26. Debbie, I am no longer on Blogger, but from what I know right now, this is a Blogger issue, so hang tight here, and hopefully they'll get if fixed.

    About the iPad...last I knew, no, you could not blog on Blogger in any straightforward way with it, which is unfortunate, but it is not only Blogger when it comes to the iPad.

    Hate that you're in this situation, but loved this post!


  27. It's more a problem with IE then Blogger. They are aware of the problem and working on a fix. In the meantime if you use Firefox you can upload photos just fine.

  28. I just read this post and all the comments and suggestions and hope one of them works for you, Debbie. I know what you mean about trying to blog from an iPad, which I never do...but my bus and sometimes does using an app he bought called Blogsy, cost is about $5.