Friday, July 30, 2021

Out For A Drive

Wednesday, I got into the car, and we went for a drive!
This barn is familiar to me, we have driven past it many times...
but it received a makeover so we went back so I could take a few pictures.

It is lovely and the sign above the door said 
We were approached, asked what we were doing and we did not feel very welcome at all. 
We left, I wish I could have taken more pictures, it is a beautiful barn.

This bench is carved from a tree log, a huge tree log.

I took this picture as we left, from the road.
I did not have much time, I only took one, so it's not a great picture.
But it gives you an idea of the beauty of the barn.

After we left, we passed this group of beautiful deer, most were bucks.
The hubs spun the car around and went back but once we stopped the car, they ran off.
I did see 2 babies and I thought it was a little early to see baby deer.

Sometimes the best therapy, is a long drive with your best friend!


  1. Debbie i love the deer picture!!!--they are so beautiful! Sounds like the welcome sign was a lie!!!!lol

  2. what a nice drive and thanks for taking us along.

  3. That is a cool looking barn! Too bad you didn't feel too welcomed though.

    How cute with the deer! That would have been fun to see.

    I do like car rides. During the lockdown we took one pretty much every day just to get out of the house. We like to drive through the different neighborhoods here and look at styles of homes.


  4. Beautiful pictures. It looks like the barn has been turned into a house.

  5. How wonderful you and your best friend went for a drive around the neighbourhood. That is a mighty pretty barn!

  6. Debbie I don't even know how to say how very sorry I am to have missed over a month of your inspiring posts. Especially during a time that was so difficult for you, but that you didn't let beat you! I read all the way back and am in awe of your resilience . And I am so glad you and your "BFF" were able to get out for this drive; I just know that things will keep looking ever upward. I loved all your happy posts, I am so sorry for your setback and so hopeful all will soon be back to normal. Huge virtual hugs and millions of good thoughts for you (and for that handsome 'best friend too).

  7. It is a beautiful looking barn with a not so welcoming farmer.

  8. Hello, Debbie
    A car ride on the back roads is fun, the barn is pretty. I love the deer! Great photos.
    Take care, have a happy weekend!

  9. Enjoyed these great photos, enjoyed the barn. We had a similar experience with a thatched cottage in the countryside while on vacation. We were visiting a friend nearby and a woman literally ran across her garden as she took us for 'tourists!', which was said with such disdain. It was gorgeous but the owner just about ran us off. She made us delete our photos and stood over us to make sure we did. So rude but an experience and a tale to tell, and our friend heard her and ran down to rescue us! Your deer photos are fabulous and it is a very nice barn even so. Have a great weekend :) xo

  10. I am so glad you were able to get out, sorry you were left with an unwelcoming feel at the barn, that is a nice barn and love the wooden shutters and their bench, along with the stonework. Love your deer pictures, wow that many bucks all in one area, so cool!

  11. Great looking barn! I like the use of different building materials. The bench is impressive. Too bad they weren't more friendly. The deer are fantastic!

  12. That is a good looking barn and lovely to see the deer in your last photograph.

    All the best Jan

  13. The barn is beautiful. It's just a shame that the welcome wasn't. Maybe they should take the welcome sign down!!

  14. Wow that barn is pretty cool looking. What a shame the people were as friendly as their sign. Love your beautiful deer shot.

  15. I do love those drives with my best friend. We haven't been able to do very many of them this summer. Partly because of assignments and then it has been so hot. I do like to just drive and look. You always go such lovely places. We would have to drive a ways to get to really beautiful areas.
    I love the barn, I'm sad you weren't welcome with taking pictures, but the ones you got are lovely.
    Of course, I always love your dear photos. I think it's a bit early for baby dears.
    Blessings and hugs!