Friday, July 23, 2021

A Little Of Everything - And A Little More On The Side

 Life here on the Winding River has been good... 
- full -
here's a peak into what's been going on!

We sold and closed on our Lakewood Property, the property where we had the fire.
You may remember that the hubs rebuilt the part of the building that was destroyed by the fire,
the property and buildings were in tip top shape as we sold it.
We made the decision several months ago, preparing all of the paperwork took a bit of time.

The plant on the back of the mailbox is doing well,
I really like the color!

Have you ever had Toaster Strudel?
A guilty pleasure I allow myself every so often.
It's like a Pop Tart, but so much better.
Hot and flakey, filled with fruit, this one is mixed berry.
I took this picture of the clouds a while back, before the hospital...
I thought these clouds were pretty interesting.

Garden Haul
I planted yellow summer squash, but this is what I am getting.
A very strange combination of yellow squash and zucchini.
The pepper is suppose to be red,
since picking it and leaving it on the counter, most of it has now turned red.

Dried egg shells promote growth in the garden.
I have plenty...
I am afraid to put them in my garden, my plants are all huge.

I was able to make a coffee cake this morning.
The hubs put all of the ingredients on the kitchen table, and it went together pretty easily.
It was delicious!

Tough times don't last...Tough people do!


  1. Your flowers look so healthy and vibrant. But that coffee cake has really caught my eye.

  2. Loved the cloud picture! Intersting squash or zucchini that is growing! Yum with the coffee cake!


  3. You are one of the toughest...and sweetest.

  4. Those clouds are lovely, so too are the flowers ... what a wonderful colour.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  5. You are tough indeed. I want a toaster strudel and coffee cake. Hope you’re doing well. Hugs to you.

  6. You are diffidently a tough person and I love you for it. I find you have a wonderful spirit of optimism and You always lift my heart. I can tell you are feeling better.
    I'm happy the sell on your property went well. I'm sure it lightens your load a bit. Your flowers are beautiful. Your garden produce is a bit different right now, but I'm sure it will taste good. The toaster Strudel looks yummy. I love that you could make something today too.
    Blessings and hugs!

  7. The flowers are gorgeous. after seeing the coffee cake, if it were not so stinking hot, I would head over to the kitchen to make a coffee cake. hopefully soon, when the temperatures come down a bit.

  8. I know putting together that coffee cake made you feel good. Recovery can be slow but step by step. And, YES!! You are strong! In spirit and in your heart and your mind! I do so admire you!

  9. Hello, Debbie
    Your flowers are beautiful. I would love both the strudel and the coffee cake, YUM! I am glad you are feeling better and life is normal again. Congrats on the sale of the property. Take care, have a happy weekend!

  10. My garden isn’t producing yet this year. You are doing well so far.

    Love that first photo. So pretty.

    Your coffee cake looks scrumptious, I am making rhubarb cake these days. The family loves it.

  11. This was such a great post and you are doing great! Love those flowers.

  12. Dear Debbie!
    Your flowers are beautiful, they have a delightful color.
    The cake looks very appetizing.
    Hugs and greetings.

  13. Your flowers are so pretty and full, and how fun to be picking goodies from the garden, we have had tomatoes so far, my green peppers are getting close.
    Yes I like toaster strudels but haven't had one in a few years. So nice that the hubs is helping you out with the cooking, my hubby did a great job while I was down too and he has been doing a bit here and there still.

  14. Glad you are continuing to make progress! Congratulations on the sale of your property! We only got a few cucumbers before the plants were killed off by bacterial wilt.