Monday, July 26, 2021

Are You Watching The Olympics?

 Are you watching the Olympic Games?
We are...but as we watched the games on television, we noticed the stadiums were empty.
I'm not sure when the decision was made to eliminate spectators, 
some of the athletes have tested positive for Covid,
but it seems the decision would have been made months ago.

There is something especially sad about watching a sport in an empty, 
temporary venue, built for a purpose it will never fulfill.
I could see a few journalists, cameraman, volunteers, and the officials.

The summer games are my favorite, I really enjoy gymnastics and soccer.

We attended the 1996 Summer games in Atlanta, Georgia, a trip I will always remember.
It was so exciting for so many reasons.
We watched all of the events we were personally interested in.
Mens Soccer for Mike, Mens Gymnastics for Scott, 
Track & Field and Boxing for the hubs.

I found these pictures from the 96' games on-line,
I have a lot of pictures from the trip but non on my computer.

We watched this game where Brazil 
won the bronze.
We were also at the gold medal game,
where we we watched Nigeria win the gold medal.

It was all so thrilling...
the events and the time we spent as a family.
The boys were getting older and I knew it would probably be our last trip as a family.

If you have a favorite sport, let me know in the comments!


  1. Hello Debbie,
    I must admit I am not really into watching any sport. I do see the Olympic updates on the local news.
    Take care, have a great new week!

  2. What a great memory! There is sadness around these games for sure.

  3. Great memory! I watch Olympics but not all the sports.
    Before the pandemic I used to follow the 6 Nations Tournaments of rugby with my son. We went to watch all the matches in Rome and one abroad (mainly Scotland or Wales or Ireland).

  4. I used to enjoy watching the Olympics, but with all sports these days that have chosen to take a political stand, I have stopped watching all sports that do. I do like gymnastics and the speed skating for summer games; ice dancing and ice skating for the winter games. There is a certain pageantry to the Olympics that require crowds to be there I do believe to make it "magical". And that is probably what is missing this year with little to no spectators present.

    How fun you got to have gone to the 1996 games!


  5. There is indeed a cloud over the Olympics but I don't think it is from Covid but for the reasons Betty spoke of. It is true that one bad apple can spoil a whole basket full.

  6. Yes I have been watching a little bit, Yeah I guess Tokyo didn't even want us to come now, so they said only those competing and their coaches and the media was able to attend, it is sad to see those empty chairs that's for sure.
    I don't know that I have a favorite, I like baseball, softball, gymnastics and I even enjoyed the skateboarding.
    So neat you were able to take the boys and have some great memories of going to the Olympics together!

  7. We actually haven't been watching this year... although we generally do. Not sure why. I do like watching the gymnastics in the summer and the ice skating/dancing in the winter. DH likes the soccer and a few others.

  8. Good Morning Debbie,
    What a nice memory of seeing the Olympics with your whole family. No, not watching this year.
    My favorite sport has always been Gymnastics. I did Gymnastics when I was a sweet young thing.
    So I love seeing it, but not this year. I am tired of Politics! So I haven't turned on my T.V. In a year?? Gosh!
    I hope you are getting better and better day by day.

  9. I am an Olympics nut so yes, I am glued to the set!!! When I can't be here in the room, I record them to watch

  10. I haven't watched any of the Olympics, I just check the news to see how things are going.

    All the best Jan

  11. We have watched some of the Olympics, especially in the evening. They are fun to watch and I love the personal stories of how they got to where they are. So many are very inspiring. I loved the Gymnastics, except I get a little tense waiting for something not good to happen. I do love the swimming and diving. They there is the synchronized swimming and it reminded me of the old movies of Esther Williams. I love watching the races too. Then I happened to tune into the horse jumping ones. Tomorrow, I am going to a Equestrian park next to us to watch my granddaughter do some horse jumping.
    Thanks for your thoughts on this one.
    Blessings and hugs!